After a long, exhausting session at the gym, what do you tend to reach for to refresh yourself? Chances are, it’s probably water or a sports drink.

But, you must break that routine now, because (A) fitness freaks can be foodies too (so yeah, we love flavors just as much as the slackers), and (B) research has shown that water is NOT the ultimate post-workout recovery drink. 

To help you get a head start into this new regime, here's a list of five Indian-brand beverages guaranteed to give gym sessions a tastier touch. 

1. Cocojal Natural Tender Coconut Water

tea, coffee, beer, milk
Mehak Dhawan

Coconut water is nature's very own energiser, its just the right amount of sweet and is light on the tummy too. I picked Cocojal because it relieves you of the monotony of typical coconut water with its awesome lime, mango and pineapple variants.

Fitness Factor: Coconut water helps boost metabolism. Another plus is that despite a really low concentration of carbohydrates, it still gives you a feeling of fullness. In short, a perfect drink to lose weight.

2. Amul Kool Flavored Milk

beer, juice
Ria Bhargava

Created to tempt Indian palate, Amul Kool's desi flavors contain super-delicious blends of kesar (saffron), elaichi (cardamom), gulab (rose), and badam (almond). 

Fitness Factor: The drink contains no preservatives and promises to provide wholesome goodness of milk in every drop.

3. Amul Masti Spiced Buttermilk

Bhavya Bansal

Who says sweetness equals fitness? - No one, that's who. So go ahead and try this savoury drink: bursting with fresh spices, a uniquely creamy undertone, crisp tang, and cooling aftertaste, it is sure to become your favourite. 

(Not quite sure what buttermilk is? Here's all the info you need.) 

4. Mother Dairy's Lassi 

juice, milk, yogurt, sweet, smoothie, ice, cream
Bhavya Bansal

One of DU's constants, Mother Dairy's Lassi is always a relief after long hours of travelling in the sun. Its also a great recovery drink, hard to resist in its light yet lively feel. Plus, its the right level of smooth, and even the sweetened variants (mango and strawberry) aren't overly so. 

Fitness Factor: From a modern medical perspective, since lassi contains many healthy bacteria, it decreases bloating and reduces inflammation—two key contributors to weight loss.

5. Paper Boat's Jaljeera

milk, coffee, ice, beer
Mehak Dhawan

Paper Boat has long been a Spoon favourite (for good reasons).

Jaljeera functions as the perfect electrolyte; it features a surprisingly sumptuous medley of cumin, lemon juice, black pepper, and rock salt.