Welcome back boys and girls! It's time for another installment of Carleton Dining Hall hacks. Last time, I taught you all how to amp up your breakfasts and make some greasy brunchy food combinations. For the Ravens who sometimes sleep through breakfast, I present to you with Drink Hacks.

These hacks are super easy to create, as they require little to no construction. They are very subtle changes to your food-grabbing routine that will make your friends think you are living a secret double life as a mixologist. 

1. Master the Coke Freestyle Machine

beer, pizza, coffee
Ben Sharer

Download the Coca-Cola Freestyle app, create your own custom mix, scan your phone, profit. (My personal mix is 29% Minute Maid lemon-lime, 25% raspberry coke, and 46% Sprite).

2. Spice up your drinks with lemons from the salad bar

coffee, chocolate, cream, milk, sweet
Ben Sharer

There are always lemons or limes in the dining hall. If you can't find them at the salad bar, they will be present if tacos or fish n' chips are being served. Use this to trick your friends into believing you are superior in class or have a secret part-time serving job. 

3. Make a Root Beer Float

milk, mocha, cream, cappuccino, tea, ice, espresso, coffee
Ben Sharer

You have not fully reaped the benefits of the Carleton Dining Hall until you have combined root beer and vanilla ice cream. 

4. Make a Shirley Temple

citrus, grapefruit, ice, cocktail, sweet, juice
Ben Sharer

Combine orange juice, cranberry juice, and Sprite in equal parts and it will taste like everyone's favourite virgin cocktail named after a child star.  Make it super extra by coating the rim with grapefruit juice and swirling it in sugar from a sugar packet. 

5. Cure the exam flu

cappuccino, espresso, tea, coffee
Ben Sharer

Sooth—or just prolong—your sore throat. Pour yourself a cup of hot water and drizzle in some honey at the coffee station. Up your citrus intake by grabbing some lemon or orange slices. Voila: A student-approved cure-all.

alcohol, wine, juice, tea
Ben Sharer

I have taught you all that I know about fancy cafeteria drinks. Use this knowledge wisely friends. 

If you try out any of these hacks, or want to suggest a dining hall hack of your own, Carleton Dining Services and I would love to hear about it. Tweet us a photo of your creation at @spoon_carleton and @CarletonDining