Everyone has a favorite food, and my favorite food might not actually be a meal, but instead a dressing. I will admit that I have such an admiration for ranch dressing that I even based my Instagram username around it (sorry, not sorry). I tend to utilize ranch dressing for every meal I eat, whether I'm munching on some carrots as a snack or noshing on some pizza after a late night. As a self-proclaimed ranch connoisseur, I found the best ranch dressings ranked from worst to best that you can find at your local grocery store.

5. Newman's Own Ranch

Ranch is always delicious, but Newman's Own Ranch has to be one of the least satisfying ranch dressings that I have ever used. I find that Newman's Own has an offsetting taste about it, but if I'm ever in a pinch and in desperate need for ranch, I would settle for Newman's Own Ranch Dressing. 

4. Kraft Ranch

Kraft Ranch is refreshing when you use it to top off a wedge salad, but I think it is too runny for my taste in dressing. I find that Kraft ranch has the ability to complement a salad well, but does not have the ability to hype up a pizza.

3. Hidden Valley Ranch

When I think of ranch, I tend to immediately think of Hidden Valley. I love how Hidden Valley is thick and—yum. But, I think it's too thick and creamy for a salad. Although, I do have to say that it is one of the best ranches to use when you are scheming to find something to dip your pizza in. 

2. Brianna's Classic Buttermilk Ranch

Brianna's Classic Buttermilk Ranch is the perfect balance between a ranch for your salad and a ranch for dipping your veggies, pizza, and grilled cheese in. Despite its versatility, it can have an overwhelming taste depending on your mood, which forces this ranch to take second place in this ranking. 

1. Litehouse Homestyle Ranch

I believe that the best things in life come in glass jars like peanut butter and salsa. I would like to include Litehouse ranch in the lineup of items that are categorized under this belief. Litehouse Homestyle Ranch is by far my favorite ranch dressing. I like to keep stocked in my fridge. Light, creamy, and zesty—these are all qualities that you can find in Litehouse's Homestyle Ranch.

You can easily dip your veggies into this sauce or drizzle this dressing onto your salad. But, I highly recommend pairing this ranch with a grilled cheese sandwich. 

I hope that you'll review and explore the variety of ranches in the condiments aisle for yourself after reading this. Regardless of which sauce you choose to slather your veggies or sandwiches, I have to say that ranch dressing is the best way to add some flavor to any meal.