Most people believe being gluten free is possibly the worst thing that could happen to a person. But, surprisingly there are amazing benefits to being gluten free in college that many people aren't aware of. 

1. You never gain the freshman fifteen because, contrary to popular belief, there are other things you can drink in college besides beer.

Most freshman fear the freshman fifteen, but if you're allergic to beer the freshman fifteen is pretty easy to avoid.  Being gluten free in college creates an easy pass on gaining weight the first year.  Who wouldn't want that?

2. You never order a greasy pizza after a long night of drinking that everyone always regrets in the morning. 

Being gluten free in college saves you from the horrible stomach pains that many college students have experienced because of the classic drunk pizza call at 2a.m.  Also, those late night pizza are yet another freshman fifteen nightmare. So, being gluten free saves you once again! Skip the carbs and bring on the veggies and dairy.

3. You learn how to cook amazing meals for yourself #masterchef

One of the best things about being gluten free is learning how to cook for yourself.  Learning to cook healthy and hearty meals can be a challenge and every college student fears the idea of cooking for themselves because it's a time commitment.  Being gluten free gives you an excuse to experiment with new recipes that can take up to only 20 minutes, which is perfect for the busy college lifestyle.  

4. No one ever steals your snacks because they think they taste like cardboard, but you know they're wrong. 

Sharing is caring, but when you're gluten free no one ever wants to steal your food.  Secretly you know you only buy the best gluten free snacks, but no one else needs to know that.

5. Your GF buddies and you have a special bond that no one else understands. #glutenfreeforlife

Meeting people with celiac disease is rare, but when it happens you instantly bond over the fact that you usually can't eat 90% of the food around you. However, this gluten free buddy and you can venture into the life of being gluten free in college together.