The label “gluten-free” is everywhere. But for us poor lowly college students— both the truly gluten intolerant and the fad diet followers— the problem isn’t the availability of gluten-free options, but the price. The only way around the skyrocketing prices of specialty gluten-free foods is to avoid them and just look for non-specialty GF options. And no, that does not mean leaving chips in the dust. Here is a list of common everyday snack foods that you probably munched on as a kid that do NOT contain gluten.

Note: Pay close attention to brand name and specific flavors. For example, just because Goldfish Puffs are gluten-free does not mean that flavor blasted Goldfish are gluten-free.

1. Goldfish Puffs"src="" alt="goldfish puffs (gluten free)" width="1024" height="683" />

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Watch out, only Goldfish PUFFS are gluten-free, not the other varieties.

2. Cheetos


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Yes, that includes Flamin’ Hot Cheetos too.

3. Classic Lays


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Classic Lays are safe but not BBQ Lays. We can’t have it all.

4. Original Fritos


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Fritos Scoops too!

5. Original Ruffles


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We owe Frito Lay big time for this one.

6. Tostitos Tortilla Chips


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Go ahead, be that annoying customer who asks the waiter whether the complimentary tortilla chips are Tostitos or not.

7. Tootsie Rolls


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All Tootsie products are gluten-free, so feel free to start digging into that Halloween candy.

8. Fruity Pebbles


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What they lack in gluten they make up for in sugar.

9. Popcorn


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This one is tricky. Popcorn popped in oil without added butters or flavoring is gluten-free. However many of the added flavorings and butters contain gluten. Read the labels or stick to plain popcorn. Some gluten-free brands include:

  • ACT II brand (except the Extreme Butter variety)
  • Healthy Choice brand
  • Jiffy Pop brand
  • Jolly Time brand
  • Newman’s Own brand
  • Orville Redenbacher’s brand (All varieties except Ultimate Theatre Style variety)

Check out or this teen’s blog with extensive lists of common gluten-free foods or this Spoon writer’s tips and tricks for eating gluten-free.

Not a snacker? Here are some GF dinner recipes for you: