PSA: September 20th is a day worth celebrating—and don’t worry, we are! National Pepperoni Pizza Day celebrates one of the most popular pizzas ever created. This is your chance to buy every frozen pizza you've ever wanted to try and see which you like best. Here are our top five suggestions:

1) Cali'flour Foods Frozen Cauliflower Pizza (Uncured Chicken Pepperoni)

Cali'flour Foods Frozen Cauliflower Pizza,, $11, Shop Now

If you're looking to binge on pizza but are worried about the calories- then this low-carb pizza is for you. With mozzarella and uncured chicken pepperoni on top, this cauliflower crust is naturally gluten- and grain-free. Not only does it have 1g of net carbs and 90 calories per serving, but it is actually really delicious. Cauliflower has been the new food craze lately—and for good reason! They also have flavors like classic cheese, artisan Margherita, and supreme veggie if pepperoni isn’t for you.

2) Newman’s Own (Uncured Pepperoni)

Newman's Own Frozen Pizza,, $6, Shop Now

Another famous brand, Newman’s Own, has it all for people who enjoy thin and crispy pizza. They also just released a cauliflower crust, but if that’s not your forte there are many options. The Italian Sausage & Uncured Pepperoni pizza is perfect for this national holiday. Newman’s Own is available at your local grocery store, making shopping a whole lot easier.

3) Outsiders Pizza (Detroit Style Pepperoni)

Outsiders Pizza Company,, $9, Shop Now

Available at places like Target and Amazon, this pizza is known for its thick crust and cheesy goodness. They even have a Detroit style four cheese pizza and Chicago style deep dish for those people who aren’t a fan of thin crust.

 4) DiGiorno (Crispy Pan Pepperoni Pizza)

DiGiorno Frozen Pizza,, $7, Shop Now

This household name is one that has everyone heading to the store. DiGiorno, apart from being a classic frozen pizza brand, has the variety you need to celebrate this national holiday. NBD but they also just released a croissant crust pepperoni pizza. Their website even includes one awesome feature—by answering three simple questions based on how you are feeling, the company will recommend the perfect pizza for you. I know what I am doing for dinner!

5) Homemade 

Hear me out, this is not a frozen pizza brand, but I had to throw it out there. Nothing beats the taste of homemade pizza, especially when you make it with friends. You don’t have to get fancy toppings or brick-oven crazy; there are so many possibilities for pizza recipes. Buy dough from your local restaurants or use bread alternatives! My personal favorite is making them on wheat wraps and popping them in the oven. Whichever you choose, it is bound to be delicious. 

Hopefully this list brings you one step closer to celebrating National Pepperoni Pizza Day in style. After all, pizza is one meal that everyone can enjoy!