Peanut butter cups are one of my all-time favorite desserts. When I found out that 4AM Candy Co., home of the massive peanut butter cups, were being made just a few blocks from my house, I knew I had to try some. Last week I had the chance to chat with Patrick LaMarca, founder of 4AM Candy Co. about his businesses and the chocolate treats you've been seeing all over Instagram!

How 4AM Candy Co. Came To Be

LaMarca, who just last year was a production manager at some of New York City’s most popular venues such as Sony Hall and Blue Note Jazz Club, found himself out of a job amid the COVID-19 pandemic. While he worked occasional gigs, LaMarca did not have enough income coming in to pay his rent which called for him to get creative.

“One day I was showering and had an idea about making massive peanut butter cups,” LaMarca said. “I just tried it out and started working on it and eventually 4AM Candy Co. came into existence.”

4AM Candy Co. was inspired by LaMarca’s love of gourmet peanut butter cups from brands such as Gertrude Hawk. Normally, peanut butter cups usually consist of peanut butter and chocolate, but LaMarca takes his to the next level with the inclusion of nostalgic childhood treats and candies such as Oreos, Mallomars and Nutter Butters.

Peanut Butter Cup Flavors 

“A lot of the names of our products are inspired from places around here and we are going to start doing that more often and creating more flavors that really have to do with our local area,” LaMarca said.

The “Prospect Park” is a dark chocolate peanut butter-filled cup with Oreos, milk chocolate chips and M&M cookies.

Other flavors available include: King Tubby, Dark Chocolate Prospect Park, Dark Chocolate Mint, Vending Machine, S'mores and Zebracake. 

Dana Morrisey, Park Slope resident and food stylist, describes the peanut butter cups as “giant and [a] chock full of different flavors and textures.”

Where To Get 4AM Candy Co. 

4 AM Candy Co. has gained a loyal fanbase of neighbors, friends, family members and customers nationwide. The brands gigantic peanut butter cups are available for shipping nationwide and for local delivery and pick-up

“We found 4AM Candy Co. through other foodies on Instagram,” Instagram user, @GoodEatsofLI, said. The customer service was amazing and the treats came so fast! We will definitely be ordering again.”

LaMarca is currently working to scale up the business and eventually venture out into other areas of Brooklyn and Manhattan’s Lower East Side and West Village.