Veganism has become a popular eating trend in recent times. People go vegan because of their food allergies or sensitivities, their political and environmental views, or because they're just hopping on the bandwagon. Regardless of your reasons for going vegan, Sewanee does a great job of accomodating an eating lifestyle that excludes all animal products. The following hacks for the vegan line in McClurg can help vegans and non vegans alike navigate the dining hall like a pro!

Hack #1: Vegan burrito

burrito, chicken, rice, tacos, beans
Abigail Shipps

Who doesn't love a good burrito? Put a vegan twist on a Mexican food classic by making a bowl of beans and rice from the vegan line and grabbing a wrap from the sandwich bar. If you want, head to the salad bar and add in some veggies. Wrap up all the ingredients, and you've got yourself a yummy vegan burrito.

Hack #2: Sweet potato creations

spinach, salad, squash
Abigail Shipps

                                                            Photo courtesy of Ellie McIean

You can always count on the vegan line at Sewanee to serve sweet potatoes everyday. This gives you the chance to create a sweet potato dish at any meal! Create a sweet potato breakfast bowl, or a sweet potato salad for lunch. For the lunch salad, place a sweet potato on top of a bed of lettuce. You can add on quinoa, seeds, vegetables, dressing, or anything else you would like. 

Hack #3: Dependable rice and beans

rice, bacon
Abigail Shipps

McClurg dining hall always has good meals, but for those weird days when nothing seems too appetizing, you can always count on the vegan line to have rice and beans. You have rice as your source of healthy carbohydrates, and beans as your protein. Super easy, super simple, and you can spice it up with some sauce (I highly recommend Sriracha or salsa) or you can add veggies.  

Hack #4: Conversation starter

broccoli, chicken, cauliflower
Abigail Shipps

When I walk into the dining hall, I look around on people's plates to see what the menu offers. When I see an interesting plate full of creatively cooked foods, I always ask where they got it. The answer is almost always "the vegan line!" The vegan line not only facilitates good conversation, but it can also inspire you to explore interesting alternative food choices.

Being a vegan in college can seem difficult, but having dining hall options like a salad bar and a vegan line are helpful in accomodating dietary needs. It is there for days when you want to try someting new, and also for those days where you need something dependable. Whether you're a vegan, vegetarian, or onmivore, these hacks for the vegan line open up a bounty of interesting foods to try.