Want to feel like you're on vacation without ever leaving your dorm room? These plants offer an escape and are the perfect decorations to keep on your windowsill. What's more, is that there's no need to worry about caring for them — these four dorm room plants are low-maintenance and hassle-free. 

Donkey Tail 

This plant provides a tropical escape and is the perfect addition to your gloomy windowsill. Best if kept in a hanging basket, this succulent requires less water than other hanging plants of its kind. If you are looking for an independent, not-your-everyday house plant, then donkey tail (also known as sedum morganianum) is the plant you need. 

Mini Aloe

Mini aloe vera plants are easy to care for and can add a little tropical flare to your dorm room. These plants love sunlight, but not if it is harsh or prolonged.

Tip: If the aloe leaves start to turn brown, then it's time to move it to dimmer or more indirect light. Water your mini aloe once a week or even every other week, and you will have yourself the perfect plant buddy.


Although these desert plants have specific needs, they are still a cinch to keep in your dorm room. Feel free to get creative with the soil. Cacti can thrive in sand and pebbles as well as specialized cacti soil. 

Make sure that it receives enough light by leaving it on your windowsill and water it once a week, or until the top inch and a half of the soil is dry. Water only until the soil can be considered moist (I know, everyone hates that word), and you will have yourself a happy cactus

Rubber Trees

Mix it up with some multi-colored leaves and add a rubber tree to your tropical plant collection. Rubber trees have a waxy outer coating to their leaves that make them shimmer in the sunlight by your windowsill (heart eyes). 

These trees grow quickly and the branches can grow out to eight feet in length, so don't be afraid to trim down the branches so that it's more manageable in size. 

Donkey tail, mini aloe, cacti and rubber trees make stellar dorm room plants, each of which are easy to manage from your windowsill or desk. Find more ideas for how to care for your plants here.