Living with a host family is easily one of the best parts about studying abroad. Spain host families in particular have the pleasure of showing you how the locals eat, which is a little different from the three meals a day that Americans are used to. That first meal with them can really set the tone for the rest of the trip. You're probably experiencing extreme exhaustion and other emotions by the time it's meal time, so when you're not able to articulate into words how your feeling, we've got you covered. 

Before Sitting Down:

cream, mocha, milk, espresso, cappuccino, coffee
Casey Irwin

1. The only word I understood was "lunch" but that's all I needed to hear.

2. My last meal was an airplane muffin and yogurt, so this should taste good no matter what.

3. But what do I do if it's terrible?

4. I am prepared for this to be the best or worst meal of my entire life. 

5. Can my stomach actually physically hold all of the food on my plate?

6. They're all watching me.

7. Let's do this. 

Digging In:

seafood, curry, vegetable, meat, chicken, paella
Casey Irwin

10. I'm not completely sure what I'm eating but I like it.

11. I'd bet five euros this is ham. 

12. No matter how full I am, I am finishing this loaf of bread. 

13. I don't need that entire loaf of bread on the table, but I want it. 

14. Is that a pig leg in the corner? Did my meal come from that pig leg?

15. I'm about to have flawless skin after all of the olive oil on this salad. 

16. I wish I knew more synonyms for the word delicious is Spanish, but I guess my smile will have to do. 

Once You're Full:

Eunice Choi

17. The only thing more full than my plate is my stomach.

18. Is it rude to not eat it all? 

19. The Mediterranean Sea may border Spain but I can't imagine being this full is part of that healthy diet plan

20. I've never had someone so aggressively say no to me offering to do the dishes. 

21. Abroad eighty, here I come. 

What follows the first meal is surprising cravings paired with favorite new meals. It's easy to forget that your supposed to be dealing with the burden of culture shock when the food sits so well. As big as the portions may seem, make sure to leave room for whatever new food or adventure is around the corner.