Regardless of destination, finding food familiar to home is always a daunting task. And although we all like to be immersed in the culture to some degree, there are some foods that we simply cannot live without when we’re far away from home and traveling abroad. Whether you have a nasty dinner or an exotic lunch that leaves you hungry, these five traveling necessities will always have your back and your stomach.

1. Peanut Butter


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This versatile snack is packed full of protein that can keep you full throughout the day. A jar of peanut butter is easy to slip into your checked bag. However, be aware that it is considered a liquid, so traveling with it can be complicated. Peanut butter is great to bring along on any trip because there is usually varieties of bread available in many places. It can also be paired with a variety of other foods to provide different snacks throughout your entire trip. Peanut butter is almost nonexistent abroad, so don’t throw out your jar of Skippy when you’re desperately trying to close your suitcase.

2. Goldfish


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Like peanut butter, these snacks are almost impossible to find abroad. The snacks that smile back will keep you smiling throughout the majority of your trip. The bags are easy to pack in a suitcase or carry-on, so they can be enjoyed during every part of your trip. Goldfish are the perfect snacks for any time of day, and can easily be eaten while on the move.

3. Cholula Hot Sauce


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Although it may seem a little weird at first, foods you find abroad in some countries might lack some heat. Cholula is the perfect sauce to bring along in case you need an extra kick in your meal. The best part of it is that they come in mini bottles, the perfect travel companion for long travel days that lack some spice. And if you have an obsession with Cholula, you’ll definitely want to stash a bottle in the bottom of your backpack or purse.

4. Granola Bars


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These pocket-sized bars of perfection are a traveling essential, no matter the final destination. With a variety of flavors, textures, and ingredients, they can satisfy any sweet or savory tooth. Granola bars are packed with fiber from oats, protein from nuts, and have a good amount of sugar that will keep you alert and full throughout a long day of sightseeing or traveling. Whether they provide you with a quick breakfast or a mid-day pick-me-up, granola bars are a traveling must.

5. Nalgene


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Although it isn’t a snack, bringing a water bottle while traveling is a must. Not only will tons of money be saved from avoiding plastic bottles, but having one is a sure way to stay hydrated throughout the day. Sometimes it is hard to find water fountains, especially in Europe, or safe drinking water, like on mission trips. If you do have to result to using plastic bottles, a reusable bottle can usually fit one to three plastic bottles, so pouring them into the bottle gives you more water throughout the day.

While this list seems like common things we see every day, they are almost impossible to find overseas. You’re almost guaranteed to fall in love with the food wherever you are, but these five are necessary to make sure your stomach is always full and happy.