Are you a foodie at Western Washington University? Do you love finding new places to chow down and appreciate a balanced lifestyle? Are you looking for a creative community to share food-ventures with and inspire our campus? Here are some reasons why you ricotta join Spoon WWU.

1. What better way to explore Bellingham?

Lena Shafer

Nestled between the Chuckanut Mountains and Bellingham Bay, Bellingham is a town where outdoor recreation knows little limits. Bellingham-sters are usually found outside despite the persistent rain throughout the year. Whether you're the type of person who is always searching for the best sunset viewing spot or you dream of finding shreddable powder every month of the year, our city is a beloved basecamp by all who call it Belling-home. With Spoon WWU, you can share your passions and introduce people to hobbies they may have never thought of trying. 

From farmer's markets showcasing locally grown and crafted goodies weekly to a vibrant downtown, there's never a shortage of new hot food spots to be discovered. By joining Spoon WWU, you'll always be in the know about the best eats around town, and you get to share your knowledge with the rest of the WWU and Bellingham community!

2. Opportunities for growth are endless

Lena Shafer

Spoon WWU is composed of a team of creators dedicated to sharing Bellingham and WWU's secrets through writing, photography, and videography. Having access to this platform is an amazing opportunity to share what you really care about. You have the freedom to write about all your different interests, allowing you to educate WWU on everything from how to eat sustainably on campus to in-depth reviews on the quirkiest spots in town. We are constantly building on each other's knowledge and helping one another, so you can be sure you'll have a supportive community as you share your own stories with your unique voice.

The skills you'll learn here will carry over to whatever career path calls you; you'll gain experience in areas like marketing, event planning and editing that can help you with future jobs. Spoon University has an incredible network of alumni and staff that provides opportunities for summer internships and conferences. Joining Spoon WWU is only the beginning!

3. Community

Lena Shafer

Can you think of a better way to start new friendships than bonding over food? Imagine all the memories shared around potlucks, recipe brainstorming, late night runs to AB Crepes, and cooking experiments! You'll be thriving with a group of individuals who take just as many pictures of latte art as you do, no shame here.

One of the coolest things about joining the Spoon WWU chapter this year is that you will be a part of building our team from the beginning. This means you will be helping shape the future of our chapter, and you'll be working alongside individuals who are just as passionate and eager to explore new interests as you are. The creative energy flowing around this chapter will be absolutely unmatched!

If this sounds like something you just can't pass up, apply here! Until then, make sure you're following our Instagram to always know what the freshest publication on campus is dishing out!