We've all experienced horrific boredom during that never-ending time waiting for your food at a restaurant. Waiting longer than ten minutes is almost worse than getting a third degree sunburn on your back. But say no more, because we have found a solution to this terrible problem, and decided to share some of our favorite ideas with you.

1. One Million Ways to Fold a Napkin

In order to fold a napkin as well as Zac Efron breaks hearts, you have to have a small amount of skill. Folding napkins is not an impossible act, but for sure not one on the simple side. Once you get your first perfect fold, you will feel like the Beyoncé of napkin folding. There are close to one million ways to fold a cloth napkin, and even better, they come with unforgettable names such as, The Bishop's Hat, The Elf Shoe, and The Necktie

Folding napkins involves the creative part of your brain, so make sure you get those juices flowing beforehand. It may seem a little childish to be folding napkins into swords or your favorite Disney character, but lets be honest, no one really cares. So, get into it.

If you are the type of person who tries to make everything a competition, this is the perfect activity for you. Appoint one person in your party to be the judge and have the others fold their napkins under the specified time limit. Whoever has the best napkin after the buzzer (or the judge says "stop") rings, is the winner.

By the time you negotiate your masterpiece into being number 1, your waiter rounds the corner with a full tray of food, and now it's time to stuff your face, like a lady of course. 

2. Balancing Silverware

Balancing Silverware is not only fun, but useful in proving that your the best at everything. To do this, you need all three utensils; a fork, a knife, and a spoon. Take your fork and lay it horizontal right side up. Then take your knife and balance it on top of the fork so that only the center of the knife is touching the raised section of the fork. It may take you a few tries, but when you succeed, theres nothing more reliving. 

Another trick is not something you would want to do at a fancier restaurant because its a little on the silly side. Take the spoon and balance it on your nose so that it's able to hang off. Not everyone can make this happen because of the genes they have received, and may not have the nose for it, but still give it a go. 

These tricks are a fun way of making the time slip away from your hands. You may want to ask for new utensils if they fell on the floor, but if your a believer in the five second rule, shake those babies off and get to chompin'. 

3. Story Telling

The movie Date Night may have started this, but I kept it going. If you are bored and in a restaurant with many people, pick a table and come up with a story about them. This story can be serious, romantic, laugh-out-loud funny, or all of the above. In the movie, Date Night, Steve Carell and Tina Fey come up with hilarious stories about their fellow restaurant goers, so I decided, why not try it out?

It's surprising to me of how interesting these stories can get. Choose a subject, and go nuts! Indulge into your imagination and see what you can come up with without even trying! Before you know it, you will be laughing so hard the tears will be dripping into the food you swear magically appeared in front of you. 

Say adios to boredom, and hello to new beginnings! These few tips will have your laughing for years about the elephant you tried to make with your napkin, the fool you became when trying to attach a spoon to your face, and the comedian nobody knew you were from the story you created about your waiter.