If you have some basic knowledge of baking, I am sure that you know that eggs are called for in most recipes. Their purpose in cakes, breads, muffins and cookies is mainly to moisten the batter. If you are allergic to eggs, choose not to eat them, or just ran out, here are three things that you can use as egg substitutes.

1) Bananas

This alternative is my personal favorite. When you are measuring the substitute, a fourth of a cup of mashed banana equals out to one egg. A potential downside of this swap-out, though for me it's the best part, is that the finished product will have a slight banana flavor to it. Swap banana for eggs the next time you make chocolate chip cookies and send me some as thanks. 

2) Applesauce

A real game changer for fall baking, swapping eggs for applesauce adds sweetness to whatever you are baking. If you opt for a spiced variety, you are in for even more of a flavor boost. Similar to the banana substitution, one fourth of a cup of applesauce will replace one egg.

3) Yogurt   

Greek, plain, or flavored, yogurt will also moisten your creation just like eggs would. If you are feeling adventurous, experimenting with flavored varieties can be a fun way to mix up old recipes. This swap is best for recipes that you want to make a little creamier and rich (think brownies). Just like the other swaps, one fourth of a cup will replace one egg. 

But Wait!

Wait you say? Your recipe calls for just egg whites or just yolks? In that case, sub aquafaba (the liquid brine from chickpea cans) for egg whites (three tablespoons will replace one egg), and soy lecithin for egg yolks (one tablespoon for one yolk)

Happy Baking!