It's February, which means for most of us out here in the Rockies, it's the middle of ski season. Skiing (or snowboarding) is a great sport and a fun way to spend a weekend or break with friends. Unfortunately, resort food is expensive (and usually not that good), and skiing with a lunchbox isn't a great option either. 

Here are three foods that you can keep in your ski jacket pocket during a day on the slopes that won't crumble or leak and will keep you full on your adventure. 

1. Sandwiches 

Minerva Ho

Sandwiches are the little black dresses of on-the-go lunches. The possibilities are almost limitless for ski sandwiches. The best ones are a reliable PB&J or some meat and cheese. You want something that can be made easily ahead of time and can be eaten at pocket temperature. Some lodges have a microwave, but don't rely on that. Toasted sandwiches might look good but they are more likely to get soggy by the time you want to eat them. Some personal favorites include cashew butter and raspberry jelly or turkey and swiss (without lettuce or tomato to avoid sogginess). If it's going to be an intense powder day, you might as well take one of each. Gotta fuel up for those turns!

#SpoonTip: most mountain restaurants have to-go packets of ketchup and mustard so you can put them on your food right before you eat and avoid the possibility of them getting all over your jacket or making everything soggy. 

2. Granola Bars 

Arielle Gordon

Granola bars are the best snack ever invented, with one exception. Nature Valley bars are actually the worst. They are stale when you buy them, and every flavor tastes the same. But worst of all, they instantly turn into granola the second you take them out of the box. Yes, I'm grateful for the ticket offices that hand them out, but for all practical purposes, you might as well give me a handful of sawdust to put in my pocket.

So skip the Nature Valley bars and grab a hearty protein bar (or two) to keep in your pocket. Personally, I think KIND bars or Clif bars are the best. They travel well (thanks to the cold, even the chocolate ones don't seem to melt) and they come in a variety of flavors so you don't get bored of eating the same flavor five times a day. 

#SpoonTip: be a responsible skier and don't drop your wrappers off the chairlift. Either put them back in your pocket or wait until you are near a trashcan. 

3. Fruit Snacks

Arielle Gordon

You can't forget fruit, or dessert! Fruit snacks combine the best of both. You feel a bit healthy because it looks like you are eating an orange, but you also get a sweet treat before you have to buckle your boots and head back into the cold. They come in perfectly portioned packets that easily fit into your pocket, and because it isn't too hot, they won't all melt together. 

#SpoonTip: fruit snacks go surprisingly well with a big mug of hot cocoa and whipped cream. 

The next time you hit the slopes, make sure to stuff your pockets with delicious snacks. Plus, they serve as a cushion if gravity gets the best of you. For more ideas about where to eat on the mountain, check out these suggestions