I began skiing right after I started walking. And I've been addicted to the sport ever since. Every satisfying day on the slopes involves a hearty lunch, warm hot chocolate, and energizing snacks. It's important to eat well while you're on the slopes, so I'm providing you with a guide on how to have enough energy to ski all day. 

What to Eat at the Lodge 

It may be over-priced, but it's definitely warm and offers quick service. When you've been skiing since 9 am and it's snowing outside, you're bound to be freezing and all you'll want is something warm. So lodge food can be the key to an efficient ski day. 

#SpoonTip: Splurge on the $14 chili cheese fries or soup in a bread bowl. It will give you the carbs you need to finish another 3 hours on the slopes.

What to Eat on the Chairlift 

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Photo by Alex Vu

While the food at the lodge can get expensive, a better option for a quick lunch to scarf down is PB&J (that has been smushed in your pocket for the whole day). Eat it on the lift so you can ski through lunch and save money—just try not to drop your gloves. 


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Photo by Phoebe Melnick

Chili cheese fries and a hot cocoa aren't going to keep you going all day. Pack almonds, a Nutrigrain bar, or trail mix in your pocket to keep you skiing you energized all day long. And of course, there's always the waffle stand at the bottom of the mountain that's hard to resist. 

#SpoonTip: Invest in a lightweight flask and keep water in it instead. It's smaller than a water bottle and fits nicely in your coat pocket.