From paying tuition to buying books that you may not even use, the expenses in college are endless, making it hard to save money. Oh, and how can you forget, you also need to buy the tools to survive (food, water, shelter, etc.).

At the University of Central Florida, there are ways to get around spending "too much," money, but how? With first-hand experience and the help of others, I've learned how to be smart when it comes to spending money. 

1. Party Tutor

Brooke Klaiman

Party tutor is an application that is available to all students at all times. It is hands down one of the most beneficial applications to have downloaded on your cellular device because it allows you to explore Orlando in a way that you never thought was possible, while being efficient and cost-effective at the same time. Party tutor provides college students with the latest information on where to party, what to eat and even where to live all at the best prices possible. With coupons galore and nonstop updates, saving money is a breeze. 

To get the best deals on Party Tutor, becoming a 'Gold' member costs a total of $2.99/month, which is a minimal number compared to the amount of money you will save! 

2. Eat, Drink and Party Smart 

Kathryn Stouffer

As you begin your four years at the University of Central Florida, it can sometimes get to be a bit overwhelming. Due to the high demand of going out, almost every night is a night to party. And we all know what is necessary to do before you hit the town, it is something we like to call eating.

Without food in our system your night is bound to end up badly especially if you are one that gets a little too rowdy at times. To avoid feeling awful, you can eat, drink and party smart all at the same time.

There are many ways you can accomplish all that at once. One way is to simply split a pizza between a bunch of your friends before going out. Another way to eat and save is by buying enough groceries for the week (@ Lucky's or Publix) so you can cook at your own leisure. Grocery stores always have many 2 for 1 deals and coupons available, making your bill not too hefty. 

Now once your belly is full and it is time to go out, I'd recommend keeping your credit cards at home. Being impulsive when out is something many people end up doing. To stop yourself from going overboard, pick and choose the nights you go out to the local bars or clubs. Maybe stay in one night with all your friends to avoid the cost of getting in and drinking. Having a get together in your own home can be more enjoyable at times anyways! 

3. Stay on budget

Brooke Klaiman

Do you have a weekly budget? If so, you must know that it is tough to stick to one. As college kids we enjoy going out for dinners, partying and doing all things college (football games, concerts, etc). 

 Nothing in life is free, unless you are giving a hug. So with the fun comes the expense of doing all those activities you have been wanting to do.

In order to not hold yourself back and stay on budget, making a budget sheet and prioritizing your wants/needs is a way for you to still cover your necessities while having fun. For instance, if you are planning on going to the ice skating rink next week and you were also invited to go to see a movie in a few days, you one, can decide what is more important to you or two, start saving up money so it doesn't inflict on your weekly budget.