France is an impressive country. From the Eiffel Tower to its beautiful language, it has much to offer. But aside from the country's many attractions, France is known to have some of the best cuisine. From delicate pastries to exotic dishes, these are the 25 things you need to eat in France before you die.

About four years ago, I visited Paris. And to this day, it's still some of the best eats I have had (and I have eaten foods from all around the world). But being a bread-aholic, the croissants and baguettes were some of my favorites. They were so good, in fact, that I ate at least one a day. So start packing now because after you read this, you'll be looking up plane tickets to France. 

1. Croque Monsieur

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This is the toasted version of a ham and cheese sandwich. But don't let the simplicity fool you because La Maison du Croque Monsieur only serves the extraordinary. With buttery ham, a thick slab of cheese, and bread baked to perfection, this is the ideal lunch we all wish we could eat on the daily. 

2. Crêpe

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You haven't had a real crêpe until you've been to France, and Little Breizh is only one of the many places in Paris to get one. From sweet to savory, you can eat these treats at any time of the day. But if you're dying to have one, these easy homemade crêpes will curb your hunger.

3. Escargot

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Escargot, better known as snails, are a staple in France. And at L'Escargot Montorgueil (as the name suggests), they're serving up a variety of combinations—some include traditional, curry, or truffle oil. Pair them with some wine and bon appétit! 

4. Steak Frites

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Steak plus fries equals a happy life. At Le Relais de l'Entrecote, they have a unique formula that starts you off with a salad with walnuts. Next, you're served their famous steak frites, which are smothered in their secret sauce. Although there isn't much variety, this signature dish is the best within Paris. 

5. Quiche Lorraine 

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Named for the Lorraine region of France, this dish is the perfect start to your day or even as a late night snack. With a tender, buttery crust, the inside filling is just as good. If you're on the go, this quiche in a mug recipe is a time (and life) saver.

6. Fromagè

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Translated as "cheese," France has some of the best cheeses within the world. And what goes better with cheese than wine? If you want some good pairings (and aren't a wine expert), click here.

7. Eclair au Chocolat

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You can't go a block without seeing (or stopping by) a pâtisserie. If you're indecisive of what to get, I recommend the chocolate éclairs. With a soft, airy outside and creamy inside, you can't go wrong with this sweet treat.

8. Duck Confit

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No words can justify the greatness of duck confit. Just know that this dish needs to go to the top of your bucket list. Really, it's that good.

9. L'escargot Chocolat Pistache Pastry   

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Photo courtesy of @jennahelwig on Instagram

In general, French pastries are exquisite. But this savory treat at Du Pain et Des Idées is taking pastries to a whole new level. Escargot, pistachio, and chocolate? Sounds like an odd combo, but it's oh so good.

10. Paris-Brest

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If you're looking for a sweet pastry, this creamy delight is the one. In 1910, this pastry was created to commemorate the Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) cycling race. And now you can find this all over the country.

11. Steak Tartare

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Raw beef may not sound like the most appetizing dish but surprisingly, it's fairly good. Served with onions, capers, herbs, and a raw yoke, this will definitely give you the protein boost you need. If you're more of a fish person, try this tuna tartare recipe.

12. Falafel

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Fallafel is not a traditional French dish, but at L'As du Fallafel it will soon become one of your favorites. Located in the Jewish Quarter of Paris, you'll want to get there early since the lines tend to be long. But don't worry, the wait is worth it.

13. Galette Bretonne 

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Galette Bretonnes are very similar to crêpes, but the difference is that they are made from buckwheat flour. One of the most popular galettes are filled with cheese and ham and topped with an egg. But there are many different variations you can get. 

14. Fois Gras

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Considered to be a luxury food product, this delicacy can be found all around the country. While the thought of consuming duck liver can be nauseating, once you try it you'll know why it's such a fine treat.

15. Aligot

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Photo courtesy of @lebout2lalangue on Instagram

This fondue-like dish is a blend between cheese and mashed potatoes. Therefor, it must be scrumptious. Typically served with meat, this creamy concoction makes the perfect side dish.

16. Profiterole

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You've never seen cream puffs like these before. At Profiterole Chérie in Paris, the profiteroles are stacked high with creamy goodness.

17. Tarte

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Les Petits Mitrons has extraordinary fruit and custard tarts that taste as good as they look. With a caramelized crust and filling that's not too sweet, there is no way you'll only eat one slice.

18. Blanquette De Veau

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Photo courtesy of @levieilabreuvoir on Instagram

This dish resembles a veal stew. Tender meat and vegetables are accompanied by a rich white sauce and often rice. While it doesn't look like much, the burst of flavors are incredible.

19. Poulet Au Vin

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For another stew-like dish, this one is made with chicken and a red wine sauce. With layers of flavor, this dish is good on its own or with a side. But whether you want veal or chicken, both of these meals won't disappoint.

20. Macaron 

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Photo courtesy of @maisonladuree on Instagram

Because one can never have enough pastries in France. If you're in Paris, you need to stop at Ladurée because they have some of the best macarons around. But don't confuse macaron with macaroon because they are very different.

21. Bouillabaisse 

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Bouillabouise is a traditional French stew that usually consists of mussels and shellfish. Once you've devoured the seafood, don't forget to drink up all the broth too because that's the most flavorful part of the dish.

22. Gratin Dauphinois

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Scalloped potatoes and crème fraîche–do I need to say any more?

23. Cuisse De Grenouille

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Better known as frog legs, this dish is considered to be a delicacy in France. But don't let the little legs freak you out because one bite will blow your taste buds away. 

24. Lobster Bisque Soufflé

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It's no surprise that France has delicious soufflés. And at Restaurant Champeaux, a crowd favorite is the lobster bisque soufflé. More on the savory side, this dish makes the perfect start to your meal.

25. Baguette 

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What may seem like an ordinary piece of bread is far from that. At Le Grenier à Pain, these baguettes are considered to be the best of the best. They're soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. If you think you won't be able to finish a whole one, you're wrong.