You're coming back from a late night and let's face it, you're freaking starving. Tons of places are closed, however, there are a fair amount of drunk goodies waiting for you. While many of these places are not on campus, a good old Uber will be happy to take you there. Check out these six 24-hour food options near the University of Arizona campus. 


How could you pass this up? IHOP is open 24/7; HALLELUJAH! Filling up on some delicous pancakes right before bed is the go-to. I highly reccomend one of their famous pancakes or crepes, although not the healthiest option, it is the best drunk option.

2. Highland Market

Home of the famous "Highland Burrito." Lucky enough, this is on campus! Open 24-hours, this market is a must for late night eats. Take a fat bite of that juicy burrito after a night out on the town; you won't regret it. 

3. Whataburger

Oh, my oh my... straight out of Texas, Whataburger brings us the famous honey butter chicken biscuit. Shockingly, this is only available from 11 at night to 11 in the morning, making it a perfect late night snack

4. Subway

Basic, but delicious. Looking for a late night sandwich? Subway has got you covered. Located just outside the apartments, this location is pretty much right off-campus. Plus, you can't forget about their cookies; I recommend asking an employee to warm it up.

5. Jack in the Box

Also right outside the apartments, Jack in the Box offers $1 tacos... ONE DOLLAR! A perfect, cheap, late night eat. Can't forget to mention their savory curly fries, also a must.

6. Taco Shop

Last, but certainly not least, Taco Shop is open 24-hours. With their awesome menu, you can't go wrong. Tacos galore is definitely one way to put it. Don't forget to try their taco fries, which are pictured above. How good do they look?

So, next time you're wondering the streets of Tucson late at night, make sure to stop by one of these six spots; you're sure to have a good time.