Hungry for a taco? Tamale? Nachos? Well, what if I told you about five authentic Mexican restaurants that are BETTER than Chipotle? Yup, I said it. Don't believe me? Go see for yourself and you'll thank me later.

Here are 5 places in Tucson, Arizona that you won't regret.

1. La Indita

La Indita means "little female indian" in Spanish. The restaurant serves authentic Mexican food made from generations of family recipes with a side of refried beans and rice with sautéed vegetables.

2. The Taco Shop Company

The Taco Shop Company is a Tucson favorite for anyone who's looking for a really authentic crispy taco of your choice-meat or fish covered in lettuce, tomatoes, cheese,  and of course the ultimate best topping-GUACAMOLE! Customers also have the option of ordering a side of beans and rice.

3. The Quesadillas 

The Quesadillas is a great spot to get a quick lunch. Their tortillas are freshly made and are filled with meat or fish with cheese and other veggies such as mushrooms, tomatoes, and lettuce. Customers can pick what type of dipping sauce they would like and some lime wedges to drizzle over that sizzling, cheesy goodness. Also, fun-fact, they have beverages imported from Mexico. 

4. Guadalajara Original Grill

Guadalajara's Original Grill aka "Guads" is the ultimate tourist Mexican restaurant if you are visiting Tucson for the first time. While sitting down, staff comes to your table dressed in traditional Mexican outfits and make fresh table-side salsa with chips or fresh guacamole upon request. Their menu has a wide variety of items from fajitas all the way to tacos and $4 margaritas during happy hours (3 - 6 p.m. Mon.-Fri. and 10 p.m. to close).

5. Tucson Tamale Company

Tucson Tamale Company is pretty self explanatory by the name but their tamales are freshly made with so many flavors to choose from. There are even plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans to choose from. Each tamale comes wrapped in a corn husk that is served with chips and/or rice with black beans-that have a bit of a kick after each bite. Best part? Their green salsa for dipping is a mouthwatering fan-favorite!

What are you waiting for? Get out and get some authentic Mexican food and don't forget the guac!