Costco is a magical place, especially for hungry university students who don't have time to shop and meal prep on a regular basis. On a recent trip to Costco, I scoured the aisles and found 22 healthy Costco snack options hidden amongst the king-size chocolate bars and frozen pizzas. From ice cream and guacamole to popcorn and protein bars, I guarantee there will be something to satisfy every type of snacker. 

Boom Chicka Pop 

This popcorn has all the flavour and none of the dangerous chemicals found in microwaved popcorn. It's also vegan, gluten-free, and tastes absolutely amazing. I'm a sucker for salty snacks, so I'll admit that I have a bit of an addiction to this stuff. It goes on sale quite frequently, so make sure you stock up! 

Kilimanjaro Dark Chocolate Mix

Jillian Rogers

It's tricky to find a "healthy" trail mix. Sure, you may start with nuts, but add in some M&Ms and pretty soon you've got more of a dessert than snack. This organic mix of cashews, almonds, walnuts, cranberries, raisins, and dark chocolate will satisfy both your sweet tooth and cravings. Walnuts give your brain a boost and dark chocolate has caffeine to keep you powering through that essay.

Simply Protein Bars

Granola bars are convenient, but the majority are full of sugar and little nutritional value. Opt for a protein bar instead. Simply Protein Bars are by far my favorite brand. They have a naturally low sugar content (only 1-4 grams per bar!) and have 16 grams of plant-based protein. These bars are vegan and suitable for celiacs. At the moment, this healthy Costco snack is only available in Canada (sorry, American friends!).

Made Good Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

Vegetables in a chocolate chip granola bar that doesn't contain any of the most common allergens? Yes, such a bar does exist. Each Made Good bar contains a full serving of vegetables coming from a powdered mix of carrot, spinach, mushroom, broccoli, beets, and tomato. These bars are fairly small, so I would recommend pairing them with a piece of fruit, Greek yogurt, or a glass of milk for a more substantial snack.


Nuts, dates, and no BS. Costco offers an 18-pack box offering 2 flavors—Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter. Lärabars are high in sugar, but it's natural sugar from the dates. With the nuts, the bars offer a decent amount of protein. 

Pre-Portioned Nuts

nut, almond, walnut, apricot pits, hazelnut
Torey Walsh

Nuts are incredibly healthy, but it can be easy to over-estimate portion sizes when eating from a large container or bag. Costco offers cashews, almonds, and peanuts in convenient portioned packages. The nuts are lightly salted, making them even more delicious. 

Martin's Apple Chips

The majority of college students do not consume enough fruits and vegetables. Picking up a bag of these apple chips can help fix that problem. These light and crunchy chips are the perfect alternative if you're craving traditional potato chips but want something on the healthier side. Dip them in peanut or almond butter to add some protein and healthy fats. 


raisin, sweet, nut, jujube, date
Kristine Mahan

Costco offers just about every dried fruit imaginable—cherries, blueberries, mango, apricots, and my personal favourite, dates! Dates are incredibly versatile and make the perfect snack when stuffed with peanut butter, coconut, or cream cheese. Just make sure you take the pit out first.

Greek Yogurt

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Taylor Treadway

Costco offers a variety of Greek yogurts, but some are healthier than others. The major culprit is added sugar. Opt for the unsweetened variety so you can add fresh fruit and granola for another healthy Costco snack creation. I'd also recommend choosing 2% over the 0% so you have some fats and proteins to keep you satisfied. 

Babybel Cheese

Jillian Rogers

The best part about Babybel cheese is playing with the red wax afterwards, amiright? Pair with one of the healthier cracker options suggested below for some good old cheese and crackers. 

Cheese Strings

While I am not at all artistically inclined, I could make a mean cheese moustache back in elementary school. Pair it with some healthy Costco crackers or the pepperoni stick listed below for a protein packed snack.

#SpoonTip: Cheese strings can also be turned into some epically cheesy mozzarella sticks.

Turkey Pepperoni Sticks

Jillian Rogers

Without all the fillers, additives, and chemicals found in most sausage products, these pepperoni sticks are another healthy Costco snack. Packed with protein, these lean pepperoni sticks can be eaten with some fresh veggies, crackers, or a cheese string.

Bean Crisps

These chips are another of my current obsessions. Packed with lentils and split peas, the crisps are a perfect blend of salty-crispness and flavor. Not to mention, they are also vegan and gluten-free. Pair them with a piece of fruit for a sweet and salty snack.

Que Pasa Tortilla Chips

Costco recently started carrying a new flavour of Que Pasa Tortilla chips, Sweet and Spicy. Sweet on the first bite but spicy by the time you swallow, these tortilla chips are one of the healthier varieties out there. The same brand is also available in a lightly salted flavor, which pair perfectly with some hummus or guacamole.

Sweet Beetroot Crackers

Hot pink crackers. Need I say more? Flavoured with just a touch of salt, these crackers are perfect for any sweet and salty fans. The crackers have a great crisp texture, but do not taste strongly of beets. I'd also highly recommend the sweet potato flavour by the same company. Eat them plain or dipped in homemade guacamole.

Food Should Taste Good Chips

Pair these chips with a Babybel cheese for a more grown-up version of cheese and crackers. Made with flax, quinoa, sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds, these chips are full of healthy fats and a decent amount of protein that's a more satisfying snack. 

Veggie Straws

Jillian Rogers

Veggie Straws are another sneaky way to increase your vegetable consumption. They taste strikingly similar to potato chips but contain less fat. They are also available in individually portioned packages so you aren't tempted to down the entire bag.  

Mini Hummus Containers

milk, sweet, cream, dairy product
Kendra Valkema

Everybody loves hummus. Spread it on bread, dip some crackers in it, or pair it with some fresh veggies. I also like to dip my popcorn in it...but that's just me. 

Wholly Guacamole Containers

avocado, herb, vegetable, guacamole
Jocelyn Hsu

While I may despise guacamole (#sorrynotsorry), the rest of the world seems to be obsessed with it. Dip your Costco Que Pasa tortilla chips in it, spread it on toast, or try one of these creative combinations to get your daily avo fix.

Mini Tacos

I was low-key freaking out when I saw a giant package of mini tacos chilling in with the cheese, packaged meats, soups, and dip products. The serving size on the package was four cute lil tacos that just had to be heated up in the microwave. Talk about convenient when you're needing a larger snack to keep you satisfied until meal time.

GoGo Quinoa Cookies

Made with quinoa and flax, these are one of the healthiest cookies you can buy at Costco. Unlike other cookies full of chemicals and additives, the ingredient list for GoGo Quinoa Cookies is relatively short and limited to legit food ingredients. 

Organic Fudge Ice Cream Bars

Jillian Rogers

No list of snacks would be complete without ice cream. Made with skim milk and no artificial flavours or sweeteners, these fudgesicle bars are the perfect alternative to picking up a pint of Ben & Jerry's at the store. 

Healthy snacking isn't always easy, but armed with this list of healthy Costco snacks, I promise that your next trip to Costco will be a success. Go forth and snack in confidence, my friends.