If you’re like me, or like everybody besides Donald Trump (who appears to never sleep), you’re tired of this 2016 election cycle. The last time you could turn on the television or go online without seeing something related to emails, "locker room talk" or swing states, Pokemon Go! was nothing more than a nerdy catchphrase, the White House was lit up like a rainbow, avocado toast was just appearing, and Brangelina was still the most powerful couple around.

But luckily for us, it is almost over. And at the finish line, waiting for you on the evening of November 8th is a drinking game to take out all of your frustration that has been building up over the last year and a half. It’s going to be huge — HUUUGEEE. Believe me.

Much like the rules of every other drinking game that has ever existed, this is no different. Something happens. You drink. Repeat.

I've even made two versions: Coherence or Blackout (basically just decide when you want to find out the results).


You want to know who won.

1 sip for every time one of the children get interviewed (Chelsea, Ivanka, Donald Trump Jr., etc.).

2 sips for every time the demographics of a voting bloc are broken down.

Chug for as long as more than one pundits are engaged in an incomprehensible argument. 

Finish your drink if Bill Clinton is seen waving, at all. (Good luck, he waves a lot.)

Shots, shots, shots for every state that goes from Blue in 2012 to Red in 2016 or vice versa.


You're afraid, so you want to wait 'til the morning.

1 sip for every time the term “swing state” gets mentioned.

2 sips for every time coverage turns to "exit polling."

Chug for as long as an interactive map of any group of states is being used.

Finish your drink if the idea of a "rigged" election is mentioned.

Shots, shots, shots for every "Make America Great" sign that is shown.