Recently, a stock picture of an egg took the world by storm. Under the Instagram @world_record_egg, the post was made with the intent to break Kylie Jennie's record for the most liked picture on Instagram.

The slightly blurry photo of the egg went viral after 9 days on the site. Once the likes started going, they kept going. Within hours, the photo beat the 18 million likes. As of January 26th, the photo has been liked more than 51 million times, nearly triple the original goal. A second post of the same brown egg even made an appearance, gathering a mere 9 million likes.

Many people questioned "why the egg?" Although the blurry picture is a sad excuse of an egg, it is a representation of the millions of pictures of eggs, omelets, and yolk porn featured on Instagram.  

So while the stock picture may not be the prettiest egg on Instagram (or even be worth 1% of the likes it received), eggs have their beautiful moments. Below, there are 20 pictures of eggs in their finest state.

1. Breakfast Mac and Cheese

Cheese, pasta, bacon, and an egg? Yes, please, I'll take three.

2. Waffles and Eggs

Name a more iconic duo. I'll wait.

3. Shakshuka

The Middle Eastern dish looks like it was meant to be shared (both with people and on Instagram).

4. Crispy Breakfast Tostadas

The sesame seeds, bean sprouts, and splattered siracha really make the picture.

5. Egg Omelet

The balanced colors in this photo are quite appealling.

6. Egg on Toast

The beauty of this restaurant almost makes you forget it comes from a restaurant called Milk Teeth.

7. Spaghetti Carbonara

Tell me you don't want a huge bowl of pasta now.

8. Soft Boiled Eggs on Toast with Smoked Salmon

The smoked salmon, caviar, and an ornate plate is probably more expensive than I'd like to imagine. Luckily, looking at it costs nothing.

9. Fried Eggs

Breakfast of champions and photographers alike.

10. Ramen with Soft Boiled Eggs

Simply a beaut. 

11. Avocado Toast

Millenials, start paying a attention now.

12. Oatmeal with a Poached Egg

Although an odd combo at first, the picture seems to look pretty nice to me.

13. Pasta Carbonara

This yolk is the definition of how put together I want my life to be.

14. Aussie Burger

Egg+Burger+Onion Rights+Cheese=Heaven

15. Huevos Divorciados de Turco

Not sure what the name means, but I do know it looks amazing.

16. Omelet  

A simple omelet and toast combo is not the most extravagant of meals, but surely is the definition of minimalist beauty.

17. Hot Chix Sandwich

Hot and crispy chicken and a dripping yolk on top of a biscuit. Try not to drool now.

18. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese

BECs are basic breakfast sammies, but these photos are anything but #basic.

19. Egg Tarts

Egg tarts are a popular snack in certain South American and Asian countries. They are flakey pie shells with a creamy egg custard inside. The ones pictured have a caramelized top.

20. Chocolate Egg Lollipops

In case you've seen enough real eggs, Egg Shop NYC makes the most adorable white chocolate lollipops. Each pop is seasoned with a blend of salt, pepper, and chili flakes. It's sweet and salty heaven and looks like the real thing.

I told you, eggs are truly a thing of beauty. The world record egg is utterly ridiculous, but hey, at least it's not the world record soup.