Recently, a stock picture of an egg took the world by storm. Under the Instagram account @world_record_egg, the post was made with the intent to break Kylie Jennie's record for the most liked picture on Instagram.

The slightly blurry photo of the egg went viral after 9 days on the site. Once the likes started going, they kept going. Within hours, the photo beat the 18 million likes. As of January 15th, the photo has been liked more than 43 million times, over double the original goal.

I was happy to participate in the world record, but as a foodie, I was a bit disappointed by the picture. I expected some yolk porn, an oozy over-easy, or at least a deviled egg. The brown egg didn't cut it. 

To whoever created the post, you could have done better on the picture. Below are just some of my recommendations of food pics if you would like to break your own record. Thank me in the comments.

1. Bacon Cheeseburgers

Two burgers, lots of cheddar cheese, doused in BBQ sauce, and an onion ring. Yes, please, I'll take three. Plus the t-shirt and flannel add to the #aesthetic. 

2. Croissants

Dozens of gourmet croissants look great in the picture but look even better once eaten.

3. Tacos

Guac may be extra but viewing this picture costs nothing.

4. Cheese Fries

It ain't easy being cheesy, but it might be easy to gather millions of likes on this picture.

5. The Perfect Brunch

Sorry World Record Egg, but your brothers are prettier than you.

6. Edible Cookie Dough

'Nough said.

7. Pepperoni Pizza

The spotted pepperoni on the caramelized crust goes perfectly on the tiled background.

8. Soft Serve Ice Cream

Ice cream does not get much better unless it is covered in gold and silver.

9. Seafood Platter

The arrangement of the shrimp, oysters, and lemon is basically a masterpiece.

10. Assorted Mini Doughnuts

The rows of mini doughnuts are just a cute as they are tasty.

11. Brownie Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwich

Brownies+Ice Cream+Cookie=Lots of Likes

12. Mozzarella Sticks

If you aren't drooling already...

13. Pancakes and Eggs

Eggs!! In their most ideal state!!

14. Soup Dumplings

The circular steamer, dumplings, and arrangement are satisfying and slightly hypnotic.

15. Wrap and Tots

Don't lie to yourself, you already are planning a trip to NYC to recreate this picture.

16. Garlic Knots

I can smell the garlic from here.

17. Fried Fish, Fries, and Pasta

Feed your eyes on this feast.

18. Rainbow Cake

From Buddy Valastro's kitchen, this rainbow cake gives us the feels.

19. Bagel with the Works

The colors of the fresh smoked salmon, tomatoes, capers, and red onion push this photo over the edge.

20. Blueberry Cheesecake

Anything mini is cute, and this blueberry cheesecake is no exception.

21. Smoothie Bowl

All of the colors and textures makes this picture really stand out.

22. Sushi Rolls

The sushi is perfect to eat and use as your phone's wallpaper. That's what you call a two-for-one special.

23. Ramen

Not only do you get amazing yolk porn, you also get the beautiful noodle pull.

24. Ice Pops

The contrast between the juicy red strawberries and the white place is way better than the brown egg on the white background TBH.

25. Cheese Plate

You just wish your cheese plate looked as good as this.

Sorry World Famous Egg, your picture just doesn't compete. So go ahead Kylie and crack your egg proudly. Show em' who's boss.