When it comes to epic desserts, New York City is usually the go-to city. Home to the incredible Black Tap milkshakes and milk and cookie shots, it seems that the Big Apple is your dessert destination if you’re looking to overindulge.

But if you’re on the West Coast and can’t make the cross-country trip to satisfy your sweet tooth, I have good news for you. You don’t have to miss out on the outrageous treats; California has some incredibly over-the-top confections of its own.

Here are 17 of the most epic Cali desserts, from the Bay Area to SoCal and everywhere in between:

1. Coffee Milkshake from My Milkshake


Photo courtesy of @mymilkshakesj on Instagram

At this awesome custom milkshake bar, you can replace the milk in any milkshake with coffee. It’s like a Frappuccino, but better.

2.  The S’Morissey at Donut Friend


Photo courtesy of @donutfriend on Instagram

This is a limited edition chocolate cake donut filled with warm toasted marshmallows, drizzled with chocolate glaze, and sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs. You can also build your own epic donut at the shop.

3. Milky Bun at Afters Ice Cream


Photo courtesy of @aftersicecream on Instagram

With flavors like Cookie Monster, Cookie Butter, and Milk and Cereal, this is truly the rightful home of the milky bun.

4. Creature Macarons at Honey & Butter


Photo courtesy of @honeyandbutter on Instagram

Not only do these macarons come in delicious flavors like tiramisu and churro, they also come as Disney, Kawaii and Pokemon characters. They’re almost too cute to eat.

5. Hula Pie Shave Ice at Hula Girls Shave Ice


Photo courtesy of @hulagirlsshaveice on Instagram

From the bottom up, this creation features coconut macadamia ice cream, Kona Coffee syrup, vanilla soft serve, shaved ice, hot fudge, caramel and condensed milk. Talk about a sugar rush.

6. Ice Cream Filled Ube Cupcakes from My Delight Cupcakery


Photo courtesy of @mydelightcupcakery on Instagram

Because sometimes, a dessert within a dessert is completely necessary.

7. Churro Ice Cream Bowl at Nitrolado


Photo courtesy of @nitrolado on Instagram

Sorry, waffle bowls, there’s a new edible sundae bowl in town. Why waste a paper cup when you can eat your ice cream straight out of a churro?

8. Sluttiest Brownie at B Sweet Dessert Bar


Photo courtesy of @rv_access on Instagram

Five layers of pure sweet indulgence: chocolate chip cookie, Oreo, graham cracker, marshmallow, and of course brownie. You probably won’t need toppings with this super-size treat, but in case you do, you can choose from chocolate drizzle, whipped cream and ice cream. Or make your own slutty brownies and have all three.

9. Oreo Cookie Falling Snow at Hooshik Cafe


Photo courtesy of @hooshik_cafe on Instagram

Milk snow, ice cream, Oreos, and Oreo crumbs makes for a mountain of deliciousness. This dessert is reminiscent of those Oreo dirt cups, except bigger and better! Make sure you grab a friend to eat it with.

10.  Customized Gelato Pops at Milk and Wood


Photo courtesy of @milkandwood on Instagram

Similar to NYC’s Popbar, you can pick a pop flavor such as matcha Kit Kat or Nutella and then add literally almost anything you can dream of. My favorite is a coffee bar topped with waffle cone crumbles, almonds, sprinkles, condensed milk drizzle and chocolate sauce.

11. Double Scoop Ice Cream Sandwich at Milk Bar


Photo courtesy of @milkbaroc on Instagram

Two giant scoops of ice cream between Oreos, cookies, or fruity pebble bars. Good luck fitting this sandwich in your face.

12. Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich from CREAM


Photo courtesy of @creamnation on Instagram

Breakfast and dessert meet to form the perfect treat sandwich. This very well may be the sweetest breakfast you’ll ever have.

13. Snickers Donut at California Donuts


Photo courtesy of zagat.com

Yes, that is a Snickers bar inside of a donut, and yes, it’s as good as it sounds. You’re welcome.

14. Ice Cream Puffs from The Parlor Ice Cream


Photo courtesy of @theparloriceream on Instagram

Not ice cream, not cream puffs, but ice cream puffs. The Parlor is just about the only place that serves this unique hybrid dessert.

15. Milkshakes from GD Bro Burger


Photo courtesy of @gdbroburger on Instagram

From a place that serves pizza fries, you can’t expect anything less than ridiculously awesome desserts like this Cap’n Crunch Oreo milkshake. Looks like Black Tap has some competition.

16. Pineapple Float from Helados Pops Ice Cream


Photo courtesy of @heladospops on Instagram

You’ve heard of drinking out of a coconut, but what about a pineapple? You can have this tropical ice cream float straight out of the giant fruit, which will make you feel just like you’re vacationing on a tropical island.

17. Salted Caramel Twix Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich from Maven’s Creamery


Photo courtesy of mavenscreamery.com

One of the best candy bars, now in a super trendy dessert sandwich. Except this time, the caramel upped its anti with added saltiness in the mix. Bless.