St. Patty’s Day. The one day out of the year where Irish people get to celebrate their national pride and people who aren’t Irish pretend to be Irish for the day. While some may spend the holiday Irish step dancing or searching for Leprechauns, everyone knows it’s really all about the non-stop drinking and eating of all foods (including your beer) artificially dyed an unnaturally green hue.

There are tons of hella tempting dyed green foods for St. Patty’s day (I’m looking at you, Shamrock Shake), but, according to several published reports, artificial coloring poses many potential threats to our health. Bladder and testes tumors? I’ll pass.

Even in your drunken haze, you should resist the urge to eat that fake dyed crap and munch on one of these delicious, naturally green recipes. Hint: there’s a lot of spinach, avocado, and matcha which are all healthy AF.

1. Make-Ahead Spinach, Turkey Sausage, and Egg Breakfast Muffins

Naturally Green

Photo by Meredith Ross

Planning on starting your St. Patty’s day celebrations at the crack of dawn? Make these egg muffins the night before and simply pop them in the microwave in the morning for a delicious and portable breakfast.

2. Greens for Breakfast

Naturally Green

Photo by Amanda Shulman

Whoever said that you can’t get at least one of your daily dose of leafy greens before lunch? This recipe proves that real green eggs (and no ham) are a great way to start your day.

3. Matcha Oatmeal

Naturally Green

Photo by Elizabeth Furiga

Despite its growing popularity, matcha’s true potential is still largely untapped. Naturally green and perfectly sweet, add a scoop of matcha powder to yogurt, oats, and baked goods for a new twist on the most boring foods.

4. Green Goddess Smoothie

Naturally Green

Photo by Kathryn Stouffer

Ditch those lucky charms for this magically delicious breakfast smoothie. Quick and easy, it’s guaranteed to keep you going for a full day’s worth of celebration. Or try this smoothie that’s healthy, substantial, and tastes like everything you ever hoped a green smoothie could taste like.

5. Baked Egg in An Avocado

Naturally Green

Photo by Lauren Feld

You’ve probably seen this one all over Instagram or Pinterest, but it’s definitely worth trying to make yourself. Creamy avocado + runny egg yolk = pure happiness.

6. Avocado Egg Salad

Naturally Green

Photo by Paige Rodgers

Get the creaminess of mayo without the guilt with this modern take on the classic egg salad. Enjoy on its own or sandwiched between two slices of bread. Win-win either way.

7. Zucchini Chips

Naturally Green

Photo by Kirby Barth

Just got home from a day of celebrating and find yourself reaching for a bag or Lay’s? Skip the junk and satisfy your cravings with these simple and delicious zucchini chips.

8. Nori Turkey Wrap

Naturally Green

Photo by Laura Silver

Named one of the top food trends of 2016, it’s been said that Seaweed is the new kale. Swap your tortilla for a nori wrap for a sushi-deli hybrid guaranteed to please.

9. Matcha Latte

Naturally Green

Photo courtesy of Rios Enriquez

Depending on where you live, you may or may not be able to pick up a matcha latte at a coffee shop near you. If you need to make your own, follow this recipe for a smooth and sweet caffeine boost.

10. Vegan Pesto Spagetti Squash Bake

Naturally Green

Photo by Kristine Mahan

If you’ve just spent your entire day drinking and need something hearty and healthy to help you sober up, this recipe is for you. Definitely a better choice than a slice of pizza or a burger.

11. Dorm Room Spinach Artichoke Dip

Naturally Green

Gif by Samantha Ho

Become a dorm room chef with this spinach artichoke dip recipe. It’s truly amazing what you can do with just a few ingredients, a microwave, and an appetite.

12. Vegan Avocado Mango Smoothie

Naturally Green

Photo by Haley Durham

Gone are the days when avocado’s only home was on top of toast or in guacamole. This vegan mango smoothie proves that a little bit of everyone’s favorite food goes a long way.

13. Pan-Fried Garlic Kale

Naturally Green

Photo by Alex Weiner

Did you know that kale (and other dark leafy greens) can make you look younger? Well, it’s true. Enjoy this on the side of your spaghetti squash bake or whatever else you decide to make for a naturally green St. Patty’s day delight.

14. DIY Mason Jar Pickles

Naturally Green

Photo by Sarah Silbiger

Channel your inner hipster by making pickles at home. Eat them yourself or give them as a unique homemade gift.

15. No-Bake Chocolate Matcha Wafer Cookies

Naturally Green

Photo by Steph Cozza

Take those Nilla wafers you have sitting in the pantry to the next level with this original recipe. Easy, delicious, and naturally green. Yum.

16. Creamy Avocado Vegan Pesto

Naturally Green

Photo by Mulin Xiong

If you really need to eat regular pasta, make sure you’re topping it off with this creamy avocado pesto recipe. You deserve a treat for a long day of celebrating St. Patty’s day.

17. DIY Shamrock Shake (minus the green food dye)

Naturally Green

Photo by Katelyn Jones

You waited all year for the Shamrock Shake to come back to McDonalds. And yes, a little bit of artificial coloring won’t kill you. But if you want to satisfy the craving without compromising your health, opt for this DIY version where you can control the amount of dye (if you use any at all). If a white-colored mint smoothie just doesn’t scream “shamrock shake” to you, make your own green food coloring by following this recipe.

No matter which one of these recipes you decide to try, you’re guaranteed to have a killer St. Patty’s Day. Eat, drink, and enjoy the one day of the year where it’s totally acceptable to pretend to be Irish.