As strange as it is for a college student say, I can't stand beer or wine. Although I've tried to trick myself into liking them, I'd much rather drink a sweet mixed drink over anything that tastes like wheat or sour grapes. Unfortunately, it seems impossible to navigate college without people expecting you to enjoy them.

Don't get me wrong, I still like to go out and have fun with friends, but I'm tired of all the hype over beer and wine. I know I'm not the only who swears off them, and here are the common struggles. 

1. Not having anything to drink at tailgates

There's always truck loads of beer, but where's the fun fall cocktails, guys?

2. Having to suffer through beer pong 

Your game is too strong not to play, but you still dread having to chug that beer

3. Having to bring your own booze and sometimes mixers to a party 

Once you again, being picky about drinks means sometimes you must rely on yourself to make something you like.

4. Having to spending more money going out than your friends 

Why should this cocktail cost $10 if it's 80% juice?

5. Watching your friends get drinks at restaurants that only serve wine and beer

The one thing worse than $10 restaurant cocktails is no cocktails at all. 

6. Trying to be an adult at family dinners by pretending to enjoy wine

"Sure dad, I'll take a glass of red."  *gags*

7. Constantly saying no when someone offers you a beer

Thanks for offering free booze, but it's not always worth it. 

8. Dealing with the shock and horror on people's faces when you tell them you don’t drink wine

No, not every girl likes to have a glass of Cabernet and watch Grey's Anatomy with her gal pals. 

9. Always getting told to try someone else's beer or wine because "you just haven't tried the right one" 

Again, thanks, but I've tried enough to know I'd rather stick to mixed drinks . 

10. Watching your friends who are used to weaker drinks getting drunk before you

All that built up tolerance has its down sides when you want to be lit. 

11. If you want to get drunk, you have to go find a liquor store

Sorry, no quick gas station or grocery store runs for you when you want to have something to drink. 

12. Feeling like an alcoholic for having a cocktail with dinner instead of wine

Something about spaghetti night with a vodka cranberry just doesn't sound as classy. 

13. Trying to listening people rave about their favorite craft beers

That's nice, but it still taste like bread water to me.

14. The pain of wanting to throw a wine and cheese party that you wouldn’t enjoy

You just want to feel classy and do classy adult things but without having to drink gross things. 

15. Being called a wuss for ordering a fruity cocktail 

My blackberry vanilla vodka lemonade tastes great and you know it!

16. Feeling clueless when you don’t know about types of beer or wine

You may know your whiskey from your bourbon, but you're completely lost as soon as someone mentions stout versus lager or chardonnay vs pinot Grigio.

17. Not being able to relate to the memes

No matter how hard you try, you just don't get the hype over beer and wine, and you miss out on the tags.