In this modern digital age, it's no surprise that recipes and chefs have moved from cookbooks to the computer screen. You now have the ability to scroll through dozens of renditions of the same recipe before choosing the one you're actually going to make. And if you're confused about a certain step in a recipe, you can take to video streaming sites like YouTube to watch the recipe being made before you commit to buying the ingredients. But with so many YouTube cooking channels on the internet it's easy to get overwhelmed by choices, but don't worry, I've gotcha covered! Here are 16 of my favorite YouTube cooking channels and why you should subscribe to them. 

1. hot for food

Hosted by Lauren Toyota (who also has her own YouTube cooking channel) the series is all about cooking up vegan food, whether that be comforting stews or creamy mac n' cheese. Check out the "Recipe?!" episodes if you're interested in seeing the creative process behind making a dish — you might pick up a few things! 

2. Binging with Babish

One of the most popular channels on YouTube, Binging with Babish host Andrew Rea sets out to recreate iconic dishes from TV, film, and even video games. While the episodes are incredibly informative, the real reason to watch is actually Andrew's hilarious narration and velvety voice (that phrase sounds weird, but I stand by it). Andrew also hosts "Basics with Babish," which is all about the foundations of cooking.

3. Caitlin Shoemaker

With a focus on simple, delicious food, Caitlin's channel is dedicated to creating recipes that are not only tasty but also low-cost. Since she started her channel while at school, you'll be able to find dozen of college-friendly dishes.

#SpoonTip: She's also a Spoon University alumni, which makes her pretty awesome in my book.

4. SORTEDfood

Hosted by four cheeky Brits, Sorted is all about making restaurant-quality dishes from the comfort of your home while getting a good laugh in at the same time. Their Chef vs. Chef series is great if you want to watch genuinely talented people battle it out to see who's the better cook.

5. emmymadeinjapan

While Emmy primarily does taste tests (which are super entertaining), she also dives into the kitchen, trying out weird vintage recipes or fooling around with questionable dollar store cooking gadgets. As interesting as the dishes may come out looking, there's no denying that Emmy has a strong stomach. 

6. Cooking with Dog

With a focus on Asian food (specifically Japanese), this series is not only wildly funny, but also great for anyone hoping to cook dishes from other countries. Francis, the dog in "Cooking with Dog," has sadly passed away, but the channel still finds a way to include him in their videos. 

7. TheSeriousfitness

As the name implies, the recipes featured on this channel are all about fitness. This doesn't mean tiny portions or sad salads though. You'll find nutrient-dense dishes that will keep you looking and feeling good.  

8. Get Curried

Hosted by various Indian chefs, this channel focuses on dishes from all over India. After watching a few of their videos, you'll never have to get takeout tikka masala again because you'll be able to make it yourself. 

9. keepupwithliv

With her sweet and cheery personality Liv will feel like a friend you've known for years. Focusing on food that's fresh, healthy, and unbelievably easy to make, you can turn to this YouTube cooking channel anytime you need some simple food inspiration.  

10. The Domestic Geek

Host Sara Lynn Cauchon creates dishes that focus on fresh and wholesome ingredients, perfect for anyone looking to eat clean and stay away from over-processed, boxed junk. Many of her recipes are easy and healthy, making them the perfect thing to turn to if you're looking for a new weeknight go-to.  

11. Donal Skehan

This adorable Irish chef cooks up dishes that might look complicated, but they're pretty easy to make once you've had some practice. Whether you're hoping to impress your family, friends, or a romantic interest, this is a great channel to turn to for help.

12. cam & nina

The biggest difference between this YouTube cooking channel and others on this list is the style of filming and type of content. Incredibly intimate, watching this channel will leave you feeling like you've gotten an inside look into Cam and Nina's lives. 

13. Brothers Green Eats

This cooking duo focuses on making meals that fulfill your munchie needs while still being cheap, quick, and easy — perfect for any college student. Check out the episodes where they recreate fast food items, like the Taco Bell quesadilla or McDonald's Big Mac.

14. Pick Up Limes

A certified nutritionist, Sadia Badiel is based in the Netherlands but is originally from Canada. Incredibly knowledgeable and inspiring, she's the perfect mentor if you want to learn more about veganism and healthy eating, how to treat your mental health, or just how to be more productive. 

15. thrivingonplants

The perfect channel for anyone hoping to start a vegan diet, the recipes created here are simple, beautiful, and plant-based. Expect a lot of buddha bowls, stacks of pancakes, and gorgeous smoothies. You won't believe how much stuff you can eat while still being vegan! 

16. Bon Appétit

This is hands-down one of my favorite YouTube cooking channels. Besides having a variety of charismatic hosts, the channel also benefits from a huge range of content. You'll be able to find easier recipes like pasta, as well as some sillier stuff like how to recreate Gushers. 

I hope at least one (if not all) of these channels seemed worth checking out, but if not there are dozens more YouTube cooking channels out there — these are just some of my personal favorites. Whether you feel comfortable in the kitchen or are at the beginning of your cooking journey, these channels have videos that will teach you new recipes.