We all have that friend that's basically in a romantic relationship with Taco Bell. You know the friend that I'm talking about. She's the one that can't speak a word of Spanish, but can fluently pronounce everything on the menu. She has the location of every Taco Bell in her hometown memorized, and she's the first to know about new menu items, like the Kit Kat Quesadilla. If you're stressing out over gifts for your friend who is obsessed with Taco Bell, then look no further; she'll love everything on this list.

1. Taco Pin Badge

If your friend is loud and proud about her Taco Bell obsession, then get her a taco pin to display on her backpack or jacket. You can snag this one from Pintrill for $12.

2. "Every Now and Then" Taco Mug

This hilarious taco mug is perfect for your friend that dreams of eating tacos for breakfast. For only $12.99, she can have her morning tea and wake up to a taco (or at least a picture of one) every day. Or, if she's also an Ed Sheeran fan, check out this other taco-themed coffee mug.

3. Taco Phone Case

If you friend has Taco Bell on speed dial, then this taco phone case by Loxley and Leaf for $14.99 is calling her name. Who knew that tacos could look so classy?

4. F21 x Taco Bell Collection

Yes, you read that right; Forever21 collaborated with Taco Bell to make some seriously epic clothing. If you can still find them in stores, buy your friend a jacket covered in tacos, or a shirt that says "Born Saucy" — you really can't go wrong with this one.

5. Taco Earrings

Diamond earrings may be a girl's best friend, but tacos are her one true love. Skip the diamonds and buy your friend these taco earrings instead. At the price of $12.00, they're wayyyy more budget-friendly.

6. Sassy Taco Sticker

Nothing says true friendship like this brutally honest taco sticker. Snag it on Etsy for $2.00, and tell your friend to stick it on her laptop or phone so that everybody knows how real her love for tacos is.

7. "You Better Have Tacos" Doormat

This taco-themed doormat by 5th and Grace Farmhouse Company will let visitors know what's expected of them before they even walk in the door. You can find the doormat on Etsy for $34.99.

8. "Late Night" Vans in Taco Print

These taco-inspired vans are all your friend needs in life. The "late night" collection is all about the fast food you crave at night, so you can also buy these beauties with fries, burgers, or pizza print on them.

9. Taco Piñata

Every day with a trip to Taco Bell is a day worth celebrating, so why not buy your friend this taco-inspired piñata for $32.00? Extra points if you fill it with packets of Taco Bell taco sauce.

10. "Tacos" Baseball Cap

This pretty baseball cap is the perfect gift for your friend who is obsessed with Taco Bell. Her love for tacos really doesn't get much clearer than wearing a cap with the word "tacos" written across her forehead.

11. The Taco Cleanse Cookbook

Honestly, I can't imagine anything better than eating exclusively tacos to get in shape. The taco cleanse cookbook is filled with recipes for vegan tacos with beer-battered portobello mushrooms and waffle tacos. You can read about one contributor's experience cooking from the book here.

12. "I Heart Tacos" Necklace

Nothing is more romantic than wearing your true love's name around your neck, which is why you should get this taco necklace for your friend. It's made out of gold, which means it's a bit price-y, but you can find cheaper taco-inspired necklaces here and here.

13. Taco Plush Toy

If your friend loves to cuddle with her Taco Bell in bed after nights out, then she'll love this taco plush toy for $35.99. It may not taste as good as her Taco Bell, but it's definitely more hug-able.

14. Taco-Inspired Ring

If your friend would say 'yes' to any proposal that involves tacos, then this taco-inspired ring would make the ideal gift for her. For brownie points, celebrate your new engagement by going to — you guessed it — Taco Bell.

15. Make-Your-Own-Taco Kit

A "make-your-own-taco" kit is perfect for your friend who is obsessed with Taco Bell, but who's also too lazy to drive there. Bring Taco Bell to her kitchen with a pre-made kit, or go the extra mile and whip up some homemade black bean and butternut squash tacos for her.

16. "Will Run For Tacos" Water Bottle

Whether your friend is running to burn calories or just running because she can't wait for that taco (#relatable), this water bottle for $18.00 will help her get there a little bit faster.

Whether it's for her birthday or for Christmas, these are perfect gifts for your friend who is obsessed with Taco Bell. Now all you have to do is pick a gift, wrap it, and give it to her with a burrito and some Taco Bell fire hot sauce. After all, nothing says "I love you" like a Taco Bell burrito.