During the summer, watermelon is so fresh and delicious that it’s shockingly easy to eat more than five in a week.

Maybe not, but that’s about where I’m at.

Anyways, it’s watermelon season, and if you’re getting tired of just eating it by the slice, here are 15 other ways to enjoy it:

1. Mint Watermelon Smoothie

watermelon recipes

Photo by Kathleen Lee

This smoothie makes the most of nature’s greatest combination.

2. Watermelon, Feta, and Mint Summer Salad

watermelon recipes

Photo by Libby Perold

Easy enough to make for yourself, fancy enough to make for a bougie BBQ. You can also replace the mint in this yummy salad with basil!

3. Sour Patch Watermelon Shots

watermelon recipes

GIF by Brooke Hamroff

Watermelon shots glasses might just be what we’ve been waiting for all our lives.

4. Watermelon Salsa

watermelon recipes

Photo by Caroline Grew

Sweeten up your salsa with the summer’s best fruit.

5. Grilled Watermelon

watermelon recipes

Photo by Kathleen Lee

We bet you didn’t know you can grill watermelon, butyou can, and it’s delicious.

6. Watermelon and Lime Ice Pops

watermelon recipes

Photo by Anya Barel

The lime and watermelon are so fresh, you don’t need any other ingredients in your popsicle (not even sweetener).

7. Watermelon Summer Cake

watermelon recipes

GIF by Samantha Ho

Summer birthday? Try blowing out your candles on top of a watermelon cake.

8. Watermelon BLT

watermelon recipes

Photo by Tiare Brown

Ever tried potato chips in a sandwich? Get the same crunch with a thin slice of watermelon on your BLT.

9. Watermelon Recovery Smoothie

watermelon recipes

Photo by Alana Babington

Watermelon is super-hydrating (duh) – combine with protein powder to get the perfect summer recovery smoothie.

10. Kale and Watermelon Summer Salad

watermelon recipes

Photo by Emily Nadler

Make your watermelon salad a little more substantial with some kale underneath.

11. Watermelon Mojito


watermelon recipes

Photo by Jamie Fink

Do we even have to convince you to try this one? Try this watermelon mojito when you’re feeling extra #hot.

12. Watermelon Margarita

Keep the alc and watermelon mix going with this margarita. We hope this is the kind of watermelon Beyoncé was drinking.

13. Watermelon Agua Fresca

watermelon recipes

Photo by Lara Schwieger

Watermelon beverages sans booze can be just as fun – this mint watermelon agua fresca proves it.

14. Watermelon Sorbet

watermelon recipes

Photo by Hailey Maher

Get something just as cool and sweet as ice cream but way more refreshing with this watermelon sorbet.

15. Watermelon Salad with Balsamic Reduction

watermelon recipes

Photo by Tiare Brown

This salad might seem super-fancy, but it couldn’t be easier. Watermelon + balsamic = your new favorite combo.