Trader Joe's has a lot of delicious options at super affordable, college budget friendly prices. But sometimes all of the great options can be overwhelming and you can spend way too long wandering the aisles just trying to decide what to buy. To help you better navigate Trader Joe's dessert selection, here is a list of some of the best of Trader Joe's desserts. 

1. Cookie Butter Cheesecake 

These cheesecake bites take cookie butter to the next level. With a delicious speculoos crust and creamy cookie butter swirls, good luck not eating the whole box in one go. 

2. Matcha Joe-Joe's

Whether you're a fan of Joe-Joe's creative flavors or you're a die-hard Oreo lover, you have to admit that Matcha Joe-Joe's are one of the most creative cookie sandwiches out there. Try them with milk or paired with one of Trader Joe's many other matcha flavored snacks. 

3. Birthday Cake Bar

Although the reactions to Trader Joe's newest chocolate bar are a little bit mixed, this birthday cake bar is the perfect treat for people anyone who prefers white chocolate to dark chocolate. Plus, it comes loaded with sprinkles and who doesn't love sprinkles?

4. Sublime Ice Cream Sandwich 

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Shea McCollum

Ice cream sandwiches are the perfect dessert for indecisive people who can't choose between cookies and ice cream. Trader Joe's one-ups the typical Nestle sandwiches with its creamy vanilla bean ice cream and the extra layer of chocolate chips. 

5. Lemon Bars

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For all of the fruit lovers out there, these lemon bars are a delicious dessert that is the perfect combination of sweet and sour. There's no better treat on a sunny summer afternoon.

6. Salted Caramel Gelato

Gelato is ice cream's denser, creamier, and more delicious cousin and Trader Joe's truly mastered it with their salted caramel gelato. Enjoy this in one of Trader Joe's waffle cones or straight out of the carton.

7. Chocolate Lava Cake

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Shea McCollum

These Trader Joe's chocolate lava cakes let you enjoy your favorite restaurant dessert from the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is stick your lava cake in the oven for a few minutes, top it with ice cream, and enjoy the molten chocolate goodness. 

8. Dark Chocolate Cookie Butter Bar

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Trader Joe's has really been stepping up its chocolate bar game recently, but nothing beats these dark chocolate speculoos bars. With a delicious cookie butter filling, these bars are like next level Reece's

9. Mini Cinnamon Sugar Churros

Churros have been on the rise in popularity in recent years, with new churro places popping up all the time. Trader Joe's bite-sized version will remind you of days spent wandering around Disneyland. 

10. Brownie Crisp Ice Cream Sandwich

These brownie coffee ice cream sandwiches are the perfect treat for all of the serious chocolate lovers out there. The brownie crisps add a nice crunch to the ice cream sandwich and they taste decadent without being too rich. 

11. Vanilla Cake Mix

Shea McCollum

Although this dessert does require a bit more assembly than some of the others on this list, the delicious cake that it makes is definitely worth the effort. Plus, they're customizable! You can pair this mix with some delicious homemade frosting or one of these creative frosting alternatives.

12. Macarons 

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Shea McCollum

Whether you've never had a macaron before or you are just interested in trying some new flavors, Trader Joe's macarons are a great choice. You can enjoy these sweet treats chilled, at room temperature, or warmed for a few seconds in the microwave. 

13. Cookie Butter Ice Cream

Cookie Butter Ice Cream is one of the most famous of Trader Joe's desserts and combines their creamy vanilla ice cream base with generous swirls of cookie butter. 

#SpoonTip: If you want to take your dessert to the next level, try serving your ice cream in a nearly empty jar of cookie butter. True cookie butter bliss!

14. Campfire S'mores Bar

These bars have all of the flavors of a s'more without all of the mess. If you're craving a s'more and don't have access to a campfire, these are the perfect substitute. 

15. Shooting Stars

Trader Joe's paired their classic sugar cookies with stripes of chocolate and topped that with some popping candy. It's a fun and creative summer treat that tastes like fireworks in your mouth. 

And while you're out picking up your dessert, don't forget to pick up some Trader Joe's staples.