Sadly, the notorious State Fair of Texas has come to an end. If you were fortunate enough, you were able to attend the Fair once or twice (thanks Mom and Dad). 

A lot of people attend the Fair for different reasons: the rides, the games, the shows, the concerts, or even to see the tiniest horse in the world

But being none other than the foodie that I am, of course the only reason I attend is for the food.

My goal forever and always is to find and taste the most random, interesting, and delicious fried foods at the State Fair. 

I have to say this year was pretty bomb. Sadly, I didn't find the fried butter that I never got to try last year. However, I did found plenty of other contenders that surely live up to the name of the State Fair of Texas. 

1. Fried Brownies

chocolate, cream, sauce, sweet, syrup, cake
Ashley Peek

Fried brownies were a major hit at this year's Fair. I saw so many people walking around with them. My natural curiosity couldn't resist, so I had to get them. No regrets. 

2. Fried Cheesecake

pastry, bread, dough, sweet, flour, strudel, wheat
Ashley Peek

The fried cheesecake was definitely one of my favorite things at the Fair this year. Nothing quite beats creamy cheesecake with a crunchy fried coating.

3. Fried PB&J

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This right here proves that you can take a classic dish and still make it even better. I may have to start frying my PB&J's from now on.

4. Fried Clam Chowder

chicken, chips
Ashley Peek

Once the sweet tooth cravings were dying, these fried clam chowder balls truly saved the day. If you are a seafood fan, you better hope they have these next year. 

5. Fried Oreos 

sweet, cake, dairy product, candy, cream
Emily Nicholson

Some say that fried Oreos are overrated, but it is not the State Fair of Texas without them. It's one of those things you have to eat when you're in Texas. This year's specialty Oreos included cotton candy, candy corn, and cinnamon roll. 

6. Cookie Fries 

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The hype of this year's Fair was the cookie fries. The long lines proved it. There were mixed reviews, but in the end how can you not love cookies in the form of fries?

7. Fried Twinkies

ice cream
Ashley Peek

These were a must because who knows when Twinkies will fall off the face of the Earth again? I was not going to take my chances. This fried treat was chewy, gooey, and put no shame to the Twinkie name. 

8. Fried Spicy Queso Balls 

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I didn't get these fried spicy queso balls, but I really, really wish I did. Texas knows its queso. The Fair is just more proof of that. 

9. Fried Banana Pudding 

cream, cake, chocolate, sweet, pastry, dairy product, cannoli
Ashley Peek

A little stand in the food court area sold this amazing fried banana pudding. In addition to the fried cheesecake, this was one of my favorites. 

10. Fried Macaroons

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Macaroons are one of my favorite desserts, so naturally I was dying to try these. Flavors this year included pumpkin and chocolate. 

11. Fried Lemonade 

cream, ice, chocolate, ice cream
Ashley Peek

The question I heard constantly around the Fair was "how do you fry a liquid?" Let's just say it resembles nothing of a liquid.

This "drink" was interesting to say the least and it was pretty sour. But hey, it's lemonade, what do you expect?

12. Deep Fried Spaghetti Meatball

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After snacking all day, Fair goers are always looking for "real food". To me, this counts. I couldn't find this deep fried spaghetti meatball on my trips, but I really wish I did.

13. Fried S'mores

bacon, cinnamon
Ashley Peek

This s'more treat really took it to the next level. Frying the thing makes the marshmallow extra gooey (yes, please).

Another great thing about it was that you didn't have to worry about crackers falling apart, but you did have to worry about chocolate all over your face.

But it's the Fair, no one really cares anyways.  

14. Fried Cannoli

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Although I didn't get to try this, so many people were raving about how good it was. Crossing my fingers they have it at next year's Fair. 

15. Fried Hotdog aka "Corndog" 

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You didn't go to the Fair unless you got a corndog. Man, were these lines long. I'm usually not a corndog person, but it wouldn't have felt right without one. 

Just writing this article already makes me excited about next year's Fair. But even just after two visits to the State Fair of Texas, I'm fried food out. Someone get me a green smoothie