With more people opting for sticks as their choice utensils, we thought it would be fitting to address this matter once and for all. Which foods really do taste better on a stick? And why? Read on to find out.

1. Waffles 

Waffles aren't just for breakfast. Here's proof that they make for the perfect treat any time of day--lunch, dinner, linner, you name it. Stay hungry, our friends.

2. Donuts

Step aside, donut holes. These are the new ultimate minis, conveniently stacked high for our enjoyment. Grab a stick of donuts and munch on.

3. Pancakes

America's favorite breakfast item was never more appealing. And to think you can dunk a whole stack in syrup at once... we'll take all four of these, please.

4. Chicken 

Nuggets, tenders and flanks, oh my! Pair them with jalapenos and you've got yourself a nice, hearty meal. Now imagine how many of these you can fit onto one stick...we're still counting.

5. Salads 

Maybe we would've eaten more salads growing up if they were on sticks. Just think of all that nutrition packed in one go. Future parents, take note.

6. Sandwiches

Aren't picnics simply more fun this way? Mix and match your favorite fillings, leave out the less desirable ones, and have yourself a sunny day.

7. Cookies

With the convenience of sticks, we could easily eat a dozen of these. Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? We did (but don't tell).

8. Pies

Grandma's apple pie recipe just turned hip. And the best part about it? You can eat an entire pie without the usual guilt that comes with eating a traditional one. Cheers to *potentially* cutting calories and sugar counts.

9. Potato Chips 

Here's proof that good things don't just come in oversized chip bags. In fact, they can be stacked up tall and fried more heavily than you've ever imagined. If you suffer from chronic "where did all my chips go!" syndrome, here's a tip: buy one of these, and don't share.

10. Watermelon

Our favorite summer fruit just got a makeover. These are like popsicles except 1000x healthier. Grab some watermelon slices, place them onto sticks, and you've got yourself some winner poolside treats that everyone will be raging about.

11. Candy

Who knew that you could have peach O's, gummy worms, and gummy bears all at the reach of a hand? Well, now you can. Stack your favorite sweets for ultimate enjoyment.

12. Cheese 

This is not a drill. We repeat, this is not a drill. Head over to your local Hot Dog on a Stick stand, and you'll see what we're talking about. 

13. Burgers

Sliders are difficult to eat. These aren't. Save yourself the mess by stacking three or four on one stick, then devour them before you can even begin worrying about which toppings will fall out first.

14. Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

The only thing better than your local grocer's strawberries are chocolate-dipped ones (on a stick). If you're running low on gift ideas for your significant other, keep this in mind. Or if you're like us, make some for yourself. You won't regret it.

15. Corn Dogs

Hail to America's most classic food item on a stick: the corn dog. Who knew it would come to inspire so many unique pairings like the ones mentioned above. 

So what are you waiting for? Make this a summer you won't forget by trying these foods--you'll love them on a stick, we guarantee it.