Northwestern University is famous for its distinguished academics, purple pride, and of course, founding Spoon University. Yes, you read that right. Students of this esteemed institution find solidarity through memories (both good and bad) of Northwestern's food scene. Here are 15 food-related things you'll only understand if you go to Northwestern. 

1. Hungover Brunches at Sargent and Allison Dining Halls

Picture this: It's freshmen year. You wake up with a pounding headache and an empty stomach after a night out. Your phone is blowing up with texts from friends who are demanding brunch at Allison or Sargent at noon. You stumble out of bed and head to the dining halls with a simple goal: curb that nasty hangover of yours. Carbo-loading in an attempt to cure your hangover while debriefing on the night prior makes the debauchery of your escapades a little more wholesome. 

2. Boozy Dinners at Cozy

And how did you get that hangover? Of course, you went to Cozy, the beloved Thai restaurant in downtown Evanston. Known for its pad thai, nostalgic decorations, and BYOB policy, Cozy is the perfect place to eat before heading to a formal. 

3. Spending All Your Dining Dollars on Frontera...In One Meal 

First of all:  RIP meal equivalences, the sweet escape from the banalities of the dining hall. Nonetheless, we can all bask in Norris's beacon of hope: Frontera Fresco, the gourmet Mexican restaurant. The salads and tacos are all fresh and flavorful, but are so pricey that you end up spending all your cash on it. Totally worth it, though. 

4. Attending Football Games For The Food

With our basketball team finally qualifying for March Madness last season and our football team winning the Music City Bowl, Northwestern sports is killing it lately. What really sets us apart, however, is our food, which is appropriately over-the-top to celebrate the love we have for this school. 

This fall, NU released a Donut Bacon Burger, and it's mind-blowing. With two glazed donuts, a juicy burger, gooey cheese, a fried egg and crispy bacon, this bad boy is the perfect halftime snack. Warning: It's definitely not for the faint-hearted.

5. Only Leaving Your Bed on Sunday's for One Thing: Hoosier Mama

The weekends were made to burn off some steam, refuel, and sleep all day. One way to refuel and prepare yourself for a week full of homework and studying is to head to Hoosier Mama Pie Company, a Northwestern staple. This quaint pie shop features an array of flavors. You need to try the S'mores Pie, that's for sure. 

6. The Legendary Sargent Dining Hall Granola 

According to the Daily Meal, Northwestern's food scene is ranked #5 in the nation. Though that might be a questionable assessment (see #7 and #9 for reference), there's one thing about Northwestern's dining hall that's undisputed: Sargent's granola. Always crunchy and perfect atop some yogurt, Sargent's granola is better than most granolas you can buy from the grocery store.

7. The Inconsistency of Sargent's Grilled Chicken

A lot of students can agree that the grilled chicken line at Sargent is the place to be. Whether you're in need of solid protein or you're running out of meal ideas, the grilled chicken line at Sargent is always there. That being said, you never know how the chicken will come out. Sometimes your chicken will come out perfectly charred and juicy. Other times, however, you find yourself staring down at a burnt or sometimes undercooked piece of meat. 

8. Feeling Cultured by Eating Poke

Evanston is a world's away from Hawaii, but the opening of Aloha Poke last year caused a surge of demand for poke. Poke is one of the hottest food trends, and for good reason. This delicious, hearty, and healthy dish is packed with fresh flavors and a great balance of carbs, fats, and proteins. Also, it makes for a pretty-looking Instagram.

9. PTSD from Elder Sushi Night

Look, I appreciate Northwestern for trying to spice up the dining hall by hosting themed events, but you need to have standards. Call me a sushi snob because I grew up in SoCal (which is known for its seafood) but you shouldn't trust dining hall seafood, much less sushi. The rice was crunchy, the fish was pretty fishy-tasting, and the experience proved scarring.

10. Obligatory Photoshoots With Purple Foods 

Purple Pride isn't just reserved for game days, but we take advantage of any and every opportunity to obnoxiously display our love for Northwestern. Though the casual Instagram post intends to come off as a coincidental find, we are secretly guilty of going out of our way to scoop up the most photogenic purple foods. Whether it be bagels, ice cream, and, yes, even cupcakes, we love to show our school pride.

11. Going to The Deuce on Thursday's But Leaving After 30 minutes To Go To The Real Spot: Cheesie's

Northwestern is known for its "work hard, play hard" mentality, and nothing describes this more than our Thirsty Thursday tradition. After lab or discussion section on Thursday's, head on over to the Deuce for a fun time, until you realize that it's mediocre. You end up splitting an Uber to where all the action is actually happening: Cheesie's. Whether you get the Tenderizer, hailed one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches in the U.S., or a classic sandwich, your Thursday night shenanigans won't feel complete without Cheesie's.

12. Brew Bike Being There for You When Nobody Else Was 

You wake up and reach over to check the time on your phone when you realize you only have five minutes to get to class. You quickly throw on clothes and blast out of your room to run to Annenberg, all in a haze. Thankfully, Brew Bike's got you with some much-needed caffeine. With two convenient locations in Annenberg and in front of the Rock, Brew Bike always comes in clutch with some strong coffee and a pick-me-up on those cold mornings where you'd rather be in bed.

13. Being Grossed Out Yet Intrigued by Dining Hall Dessert Combos 

Sriracha-infused cookies? Bacon muffins? Sometimes you just want a moist brownie, or a melt-in-your-mouth cookie. Nobody asked for these Frankenstein-like creations, and even though you know you shouldn't, you can't help but to try them out. You never know what you're going to get when heading toward the dessert bar at the dining halls. 

14. Todoroki's All-You-Can-Eat Sushi Reinvigorating Your Soul

Quality over quantity? Well, at Todoroki, you can have both. For $27, you can have all-you-can-eat sushi. The sushi at this local restaurant beats Elder Dining Hall by a long shot, and the ambiance makes for the perfect location for a boozy birthday dinner or a post-midterm treat.

15. Hot. Cookie. Bar.

With the endless cycle of grilled chicken, limp pasta, and greasy burgers, it seems like there's no end in sight at the dining halls. That's where the hot cookie bar comes in. It's the light at the end of the tunnel, a beacon of hope, and a huge highlight of the week for many students. These freshly-baked, gooey cookies pair perfectly with some ice cream. À la mode taken to an entirely new level. 

Northwestern students are united in our experiences navigating the dining hall, exploring the food scene in downtown Evanston, and piling your plate with hot, gooey cookies. If you're on campus or are feeling nostalgic, go ahead and buy a $5 purple-colored cookie, head to Hoosier Mama's for pie, or pay Sargent a visit. Savor every bite and remember all those irreplaceable memories associated with Northwestern.