After day drinking, all most people want to do is shove their faces with pizza and pasta before the hours of napping. Although super difficult, the key to not sleeping all day and feeling terrible is avoiding the binge. A well-balanced healthy meal is essential to rally for going out at night. Check out these awesome detoxing dinners: 

1. Chicken Burrito

tacos, chicken, burrito, beef, meat, tomato, lettuce
Bari Silvershein

This balanced dinner is full of protein and carbs. Your body will think you're eating fast food, but it's actually super good for you. 

2. Teriyaki Ginger Chicken Stir-Fry

Shalayne Pulia

It only takes 30 minutes to make your own take-out. It's way better for your body, and your conscience, to know exactly what's in your food. 

3. Flatbread Veggie Pizza

Annalee Flaherty

Fill your belly with your favorite veggies! Your body needs lots of vitamins after a day out. For even more fun, try this low-carb cauliflower crust. 

4. Sofrita Bowl

salad, avocado, chicken
Katherine Baker

The tofu in this meal is so flavorful and yummy. Everything you love about chipotle minus the extra cals and cash. 

5. Zoodles

meat, vegetable, beef, pork, pepper, sauce
Analiese Trimber

These noodles will make your forget pasta exists. They taste just as yummy and satisfying and are actually really fun to make.

6. Twice-Baked Sweet Potatoes

broccoli, vegetable, broccolini, parsley
Dara Ades

The kale and greek yogurt in this dish will make you feel healthy af. These good-for-you ingredients definitely don't compromise taste. Give it a try.

7. Homemade Turkey Burgers

meat, beef, pork, meatball
Rachel Davis

These are essentially giant meatballs. They taste great on a roll with all your favorite burger toppings. Yay for lean protein.

8. Gazpacho

vegetable, soup, tomato
Sarah Strohl

All this cool soup requires is veggies, tomato juice, and a blender. So easy to make and very refreshing.

9. Zucchini Nachos

vegetable, courgette, herb, meat, yellow summer squash, marinated cucumber
Kirby Barth

These veggie chips are a great alternative to tortilla chips. Load them with everything you love.

10. Rosemary Balsamic Chicken

rosemary, balsamic
Mackenzie Barth

This homemade balsamic glaze will make you feel adult af. It's a great addition to a delicious chicken dish. 

11. Pesto Pasta

pasta, macaroni, vegetable, spaghetti, basil, cheese
Parisa Soraya

This pesto is full of healthy fats and vitamins. It's the perfect way to avoid just throwing some butter on noodles. 

12. Rainbow Pasta Arugula Salad

Austin Lai

Have some fun post-darty and dye your pasta noodles! It will make eating salad that much more exciting. 

13. Baked Lemon and Herb Salmon

salmon, fish, seafood, shrimp
Jocelyn Hsu

It only takes 30 minutes to get your much needed omega 3s. Put your salmon on a pan with some herbs and garlic and you're good to go. 

14. Vegetarian Tacos

vegetable, tacos, meat, corn, chicken
Katy Shetler

Spicy and full of flavor, these tacos are so easy to make. They're 100% better than even your favorite take-out.

15. Chicken Lettuce Wraps

chicken, vegetable, rice, tacos
Natalie Marshall

These wraps are really refreshing and flavorful. Give them a try next time your out of dinner ideas