Whether you prefer cupcakes, cake pops, or cake by the slice, there’s no denying cake is one of the best foods out there. Let’s face it though, we’ve all had enough of boring boxed funfetti. Put a spin on basic recipes with these simple, yummy desserts that can be made with cake mix from a box.

1. Cake Batter Pancakes

cake mix

Photo by Samantha Newbery

These cake batter pancakes are the best way to heed Kate Spade’s infamous advice and eat cake for breakfast. Maybe it’s someone’s birthday (in which case, these shots are in order as well), or maybe you’re just feeling like the weekend calls for a celebration. Either is a good excuse to whip up these fluffy guys.

2. Zebra Cake

cake mix

Photo by Emma Delaney

Choosing between chocolate and vanilla is no longer a problem with this fun zebra cake.

3. Rainbow Cake

cake mix

Photo by Dominique Garcia

This cheerful cake requires nothing more than cake mix and food dye. Try making the layers team or school colors for the next game or graduation party you’re invited to.

4. Cake Mix Cookies

cake mix

Photo courtesy of pbfingers.com

Make all your friends think you belong on The Great British Bake Off with this cake mix cookie recipe. These can be made with any flavor of cake mix — we recommend trying red velvet as well as chocolate. They’re incredibly simple to bake, but you’d never know just by how decadent they taste and polished they look.

5. Cake with Pie Inside

cake mix

Photo by Isabelle Chu

This food fusion might sound a little crazy, but the proper flavor combinations can lead to an awesome dessert. We recommend a key lime pie and a coconut cake, or an Oreo pie and chocolate cake. The best part about this recipe is that it lets you get innovative with the flavor combinations. Give this one a go now and be ahead of the next big food trend.

6. Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs

cake mix

Photo by Caroline Liu

A kabob stick makes any food more fun to eat, and cake is no exception. These strawberry shortcake kabobs are perfect for summer barbecues, but with a little creativity you can use virtually any kind of cake to make a super yummy kabob similar to these.

7. Funfetti Donuts

cake mix

Photo by Annie Madole

Yes, you read that right. It’s possible to make your own donuts using cake mix, and it’s super easy (donut worry).

8. Cookie Butter Cake Balls

cake mix

Photo by Rae Steinbach

When cookie butter is involved, nothing can go wrong. If you’re tired of eating Nutella everything, head over to Trader Joe’s, pick up some cookie butter, and give the beloved spread a chance to shine with these cookie butter cake balls.

9. Piñata Cake

cake mix

Photo by Diamond Naga Siu

Pick your favorite cake flavors and candy assortments and make this crazy piñata cake. Can you say fiesta?

10. Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins

cake mix

Photo by Sarah Stettin

If muffins call for cake mix, they’ve gotta be good. The pumpkin in these two-ingredient muffins may make them seem fall-like, but the chocolate makes them great for any time of year.

11. Cake Batter Milkshake

cake mix

Photo by Andrea Kang

Milkshakes are already pretty bomb, but this cake batter milkshake makes ’em even better. Why stick with boring chocolate and vanilla shakes when this recipe is just as easy?

12. Cake Batter Rice Krispie Treats

cake mix

Photo by Aly Sebold

Rice Krispie treats can get a little boring. Make snap, crackle, and pop a little more fun by adding cake mix and sprinkles to your melted marshmallows, and then stirring in the cereal.

13. Easy Cake Batter Ice Cream

cake mix

Photo courtesy of callmepmc.com

This homemade cake batter ice cream gives Ben & Jerry’s a run for their money. Making your own ice cream sounds intimidating, but luckily this easy recipe requires nothing but mixing a few ingredients together and throwing the concoction in the freezer.

Your dessert game will officially hit next level with this one, and since it only calls for half the cake, you’ll have a little extra to make these cake pops.

14. Cake Batter Puppy Chow

cake mix

Photo courtesy of the-girl-who-ate-everything.com

Puppy chow (or Muddy Buddies, in case you think we’re referring to dog food), is always an instant crowd pleaser. Change up this favorite party snack with a cake-inspired spin off.

15. Cake Batter Fudge

cake mix

Photo courtesy of chocolatechocolateandmore.com

This fudge tastes and smells just like all of the most mouthwatering goodies from your favorite childhood candy store. The idea of making fudge may seem daunting, but just like the ice cream, all this recipe requires is a bit of mixing and subsequent chilling.

Grab that spare box of cake mix and get cookin’ ASAP.