There's no doubt that chocolate-chip cookies are tasty. But sometimes they can be a bit boring. If you're looking for unique cookie recipes full of different flavor combinations and textures, you've come to the right place. From sweet to more unusual flavor combos, your taste buds will thank you for the holidays. 

So ditch the old recipes (and say screw it to dieting), because these 15 cookie recipes are better than conventional chocolate chip cookies.

1. Almond Rainbow Cookies

cake, chocolate, peanut
Jenny Georgieva

Not all cookies have to be unhealthy. With these protein-filled treats, each colorful layer will bring a party in your mouth.

2. Darjeeling Shortbread Cookies

sweet, cookie, cake, pastry, chocolate, candy, goody, dairy product
Elizabeth Tadie

Tea in cookies? Unusual but oh-so satisfying. Dajeelings are considered the "Champagne of teas," and when mixed with freshly grated orange zest, this flavorful treat can beat any traditional chocolate chip cookie. 

3. Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate, sweet, pastry, cookie, cake, goody, candy
Kelda Baljon

Bacon and chocolate are a dynamic duo. Both salty and sweet, this cookie proves that bacon isn't just for breakfast.

4. Gingerbread Cookie Truffles

cream, dairy product, milk, sweet
Elizabeth Philip

Forget about cookie cutters and the fear of burnt cookies, because these gingerbread truffles are ridiculously easy and require no baking.

5. Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

chocolate, sweet, candy, goody, cake, cookie, cream, pastry
Emma Delaney

In my household, we call these black-out cookies and make them every Christmas. But regardless of the name, these are hands-down the best cookies a chocolate lover could dream of.

6. Funfetti Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate, cookie, cake, goody, sweet, candy
Izzi Clark

Spice up your cookies with sprinkles, because why not?

7. Maple Cinnamon Sweet Potato Cookies

cookie, chocolate, sweet, pastry, candy, cake
Katie Lee

Who needs sweet potato pancakes when you can have cookies for breakfast? Packed with veggies, these treats make for the perfect brain food needed to start your day.

8. Peanut Butter Chocolate Kiss Cookies

peanut butter, peanut, chocolate, butter
Annie Pinto

Every kiss begins with "K." And right now, this fine combo of peanut butter and chocolate needs to get in my belly.

9. Ricotta Cookies

candy, chocolate, cake, sweet, sprinkles, goody, sweetmeat, cream, pastry, cookie
Marissa Ferrara

If you're looking for a cookie that's fluffy, not overwhelmingly sweet, and is visually pleasing, this recipe is just for you. 

10. Sleazy S'mores Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate, sweet, cookie, candy, dairy product, pastry
Rebecca Block

Move over slutty brownies because things just got a whole lot steamier (and tastier). 

11. Austrian Linzer Tart Cookies

jam, sweet, pastry, cake, candy, cookie, butter
Amanda Shulman

These delicate delights scream the holidays. With a jam-filled center and a dusting of powdered sugar, they're guaranteed to turn heads.

12. Oreo Cookie Dough Moon Pies

sandwich, cream, cookie, ice cream, chocolate, ice
Katie Elliott

For a sugar high, one of of these sandwiches will do the trick. And don't worry, you're getting cookies on cookies on cookies with this recipe.

13. Nutella Lava Cookie Cups

chocolate, sweet, candy, cookie, cake, pastry
Xinwei Zeng

Let's just take a moment to thank Mr. Pietro Ferrero for inventing Nutella...and also whoever decided it was a good idea to combine it with cookie dough. Seriously, the world needs more people like these.

14. No-Bake Christmas Avalanche Cookies

popcorn, rice, candy, sweet, goody, chocolate
Claire Tromblee

This five-ingredient dessert gives you an array of different flavors and textures. But the best part? It requires no oven time.

15. Cookie Shot Glasses

chocolate, cake
Helena Lin

The holidays are not the holidays without some shots. But these are the non-alcoholic ones. So stop dipping your cookies in milk because this recipe combines this act in one.