I need to start off by admitting that I have a spreadsheet outlining all the best spots to eat for every city I've ever spent time in, organized by type of cuisine, price, neighborhood, and time of day. I recognize that it's a bit excessive, but I also am a huge fan of variety in food. My favorite cities have a variety of restaurants that pack in all types of cuisines, from Ethiopian to Peruvian. So when I heard about Bottonline's list of the world's most diverse food cities, I was thrilled to say the least. 

Recently, Bott + Co analyzed restaurant data for every city with a population of 1 million or more, then identified the specific national cuisines available in each. They also provide the highest-rated restaurant in each city (as identified by Google reviews). If you don't have a spreadsheet for your travels yet, you're going to want to create one and add these places—these are the top 15 cities in the world with the most diverse food scenes. 

1. New York

New York City may be know for its pizza, or even its edible cookie dough, but there's way more than American classics going on there. The city boasts 94 national cuisines available, ranking it as the most diverse food scene in the world. It also provides a home away from home to food from six continents (excluding Antarctica, because of how would one even?). 

2. London

In second place comes London, with 89 national cuisines available. The top restaurant in their ranked American food category is The Fat Bear, which I want to try solely for the meme factor.

3. Toronto

Toronto is home to 73 different national cuisines, making it the third most diverse food city in the world. I also couldn't resist following @TorontoFood on Instagram, and I would so recommend you do the same.

4. Chicago

Chicago comes in at 66 national cuisines, but the food scene is pretty balanced in representation across the Americas, Africa, Europe, and Asia.

5. Paris

Paris follows close behind with 65 nationalities, although if chocolate and macarons counted as countries, I'm sure it would overtake Chicago. 

6. Berlin

Berlin ties with Melbourne for sixth place, with 64 national cuisines. So yes, there's more than bratwurst in the city. 

6. Melbourne

Coming in after Berlin solely due to alphabetical order, Melbourne is also home to 64 national cuisines. I've been seeing lots of shots from friends abroad of Melbourne's food, and I have to say I'm pretty jealous.

8. Dubai

Dubai comes in eighth with 62 nationalities represented, but claims a heavier representation of Asian cuisines than the other areas of the world.

9. Los Angeles

Somehow, I'm not surprised that Los Angelos makes this list. With 61 countries represented, it offers pretty extensive options for all our favorite movie stars.

10. San Francisco

This Honey Creme South Korean delicacy is a need, not a want. And it's only one of 60 national cuisines to be found in San Francisco.

11. Montréal

Montreal boasts a pretty even distribution of continental representation in its 58 restaurant nationalities.

11. Tokyo

Tokyo ties with Montreal at 58 countries represented. But I should note, the most popular American restaurant is T.G.I. Friday's. Seriously.

13. Boston

Offering more than just Boston creme donuts, Boston's 57 nationalities include everything from Tunisian to Nepalese.

14. Sydney

Another favorite for foodies studying abroad, Sydney clocks into 14th place with 56 national cuisines, although there are definitely higher concentrations of European and Asian restaurants.

15. Philadelphia

Philadelphia, with 54 national cuisines, rounds out the top 15 cities with a strong representation of North American (yes, Philly cheesesteaks), Asian, and European cuisines. 

Basically, if you live in the United States, you have access to six of the 15 most diverse cities in the world. But even that is no excuse not to travel and try new foods elsewhere—my new goal is to make it to all of the top 15. Until then, I'll keep exploring the endless delectable food Instas that the internet has blessed us with.