Fourth of July has some pretty standard holiday traditions: flags, fireworks, and the grill. Burgers are some of the most popular dishes on the fourth, and whether you’re looking to put an intense spin on the typical meal or keep it simple with your classic plate, this list should help you find that perfect recipe.

Homemade Spicy Southwest Burgers


Photo by Bonnie Wu

These Rachel Ray-inspired Southwest burgers will pack the heat you might need on this summer day. They’re an American classic in their own way, and definitely worth a shot. Make sure you’ve got plenty of lemonade to wash down the spice if you opt for the tobasco-infused ketchup, yellow mustard or sweet red pepper relish.

Spicy Chickpea Burgers With Shoestring Sweet Potato Fries and Sriracha Mayo


Photo by Charlotte Cohen

While a vegetarian burger might not scream ‘MURICA, this delicious recipe should more than make up for its admitted unpatrioticism. The sides are what really make this dish stand out: shoestring sweet potato fries and Sriracha mayo? Sounds intimidating to tackle on the grill but more than worth it.

The Famous Ramen Burger


Photo by Taylor Widom

Can’t afford a ticket to NYC or LA? Well this recipe seems like a great alternative. The ramen burger is a mystery to all who tackle it, but the fascination of the bun is quickly overshadowed by the flavor the second you take a bite. If you cook these up at your party, it’s bound to be a success talked about for weeks afterwards.

The Meat Lover’s Black Bean Burger


Photo by Parisa Soraya

A vegetarian meal that doesn’t taste or even look like one? Sign me up. This is the way to impress a meat aficionado on a budget. And, depending on how many people you’re cooking for, this could turn out to be much more cost effective. (Spoiler alert: there’s more Sriracha mayo.)

The “Good Burger” Secret Sauce Recipe, Because We Miss the 90s 


Photo by Emma Norton

Okay, not so much a burger as it is a condiment, but you can slap this sauce on any of the burgers on this list to kick it up a notch. (Only REAL 90’s kids will get this reference.)

Your Standard Homemade Burger


Photo by Kelda Baljon

Since this is such a classic, American holiday, it makes sense to include a perfectly classic burger on this list. No frills, no added extras, no fancy mayo. Just a burger. What more could you or your fellow barbecuers ask for?

The Ultimate Dining Hall Burger


Photo courtesy of rosidae on Flickr

On campus for the summer? Don’t stress. You might not be having a big barbecue (make sure to check out your school’s newsletter to check for any holiday activities) but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little celebration by yourself. The cafeteria food might not be the best, but you can always create something wonderful with a little determination.

Burger on a Rice Bun


Photo by Jenny Georgieva

Step up your patty game with this easy, delicious recipe. Like the ramen burger, instead of relying on fancy condiments, this spin on the burger thinks outside the bun and aims to be original without completely forgetting the classic burger taste.

Homemade Turkey Burgers


Photo by Rachel Davis

I can practically hear my dad cringing at the mention of a burger with anything but good ol’ beef, but hear me out. Turkey burgers are not only healthier, but equally delicious. The great thing about this recipe is that it’s just the patty that we’re experimenting with, and everything else on the burger can stay nice and old-fashioned.

Crispy Quinoa Black Bean Burger


Photo by Sally Zhang

Quinoa on Independence Day? It’s a bit of a stretch, but if you and your friends are into saving calories, money, and time, then this seems like the perfect recipe for your group. It’s tasty and healthy – a combination that’s hard to come across these days, so don’t knock it until you try it.

The Ultimate Irish Whiskey Burger


Photo by Ariana Collura

Jameson in a burger? Yes, okay, I’m sure I have your attention now. If you’re looking for something full of flavor, then this is definitely the recipe for you. Lots of meat and lots of juices. (There’s also a lot of Irish heritage in this burger, but if you can get over that, then you’ll enjoy this without a doubt.)

Thai Peanut Sauce Turkey Burger


Photo courtesy of

This has got to be one of the more adventurous burgers on this list, but that doesn’t mean you should be intimidated by it. This burger only takes twenty minutes to prep and cook, which is ideal for when you’re trying to feed a large crowd, or ensure that everyone eats plenty between games of volleyball or playing with sparklers. The flavors are out of this world and definitely not like your classic burger, so if you decide to tackle this one, be ready for something entirely different and extremely delicious.

Zucchini Parm Burger


Photo by Maria Serghiou

Hello, beautiful. Do you see that sauce? That steaming marinara is the stuff of dreams and is sure to win over anyone who takes a bite into this flavorful masterpiece. It’s messy and a bit time consuming (45 minutes!) but that doesn’t make it any less worth it, especially given how large the portions are and how filling it is.

Mac ‘n Cheese-Stuffed Ramen Burger Sliders


Photo by Shalayne Pulia

Alright, this little burger mini-masterpiece doesn’t quite have the appeal of being as lean as some of the vegetarian options on this list, but who said carbs were that bad? Noodles in the bun and in the patty itself sound like a match made in heaven if you ask me. These could be used as fun appetizers to load up your paper plates with. Regardless of how you serve them, they’re bound to be a hit.

Delicious Pulled Pork


Photo by Leigh Needham

Not going to lie, this bad boy does take over four hours to prepare, but it is definitely worth the time commitment. Pulled pork is a barbecue hit no matter what the holiday is, but you get extra points almost on the Fourth. If you whip this out amongst family and friends, you’re bound to be the hero of the party.