Valentine's Day is notorious for making romantic partners stress and single people cry, but its time for Valentines Day to broaden its market audience and allow everyone, regardless of relationship status, to indulge in this day of love and chocolate. So whether you are looking for a gift for that special someone or looking for a gift to treat yourself, this list of 14 Valentine's Day gifts based on your relationship status will make sure everyone feels the love!

1. You're Single and Loving It - Rings

Today is all about you, so treat yourself to that pretty little ring you've been dying to get because you don't need a partner to put a ring on your finger. Be your own fiancée! This Toronto-based jewelry company is the perfect place to get minimalist, woman-made, ethical jewelry to treat yourself on V-Day! 

2. Single and Ready to Mingle - Bath Bombs

If you're flying solo this Valentine's Day, but you're on the hunt for someone to cozy up to, treat yourself to a warm relaxing bath with your favourite bath bombs as a Valentine's Day gift. They make your skin smell like heaven and feel irresistibly soft. The new bath melt Ginger, from LUSH, is packed with shimmer and gives your skin a tantalizing glow and will be sure to catch the eye of your future special someone. 

3. Your Friends are the Only Love you Need - Heart-Shaped Pizza Dinner

Galantine's Day; the day before Valentine's Day and the day of friendship. There's no better Valentine's day gift than the gift of good food and good company, so plan a cute dinner with heart-shaped everything to let your bestest friends know how much you love each other. These heart-shaped pizzas are perfect to go along side the heart-shaped cupcakes, chocolates, and endless glasses of wine that are planned to be enjoyed throughout the night.

#SpoonTip: Feeling lazy? Pizza Pizza delivers heart pizzas too!

4. Single, but you've got that One Friend - Memes

Memes and gifs are the modern language of love. They express exactly how you are feeling without coming off too serous. If you're having trouble figuring out what to get that friend who you want to be more than friends with, send them your favourite meme and show them how you really feel!

5. You've Had One Date - A Second Date

Give the gift of your presence and ask them on a second date! There no better feeling than knowing someone is thinking about you on Valentine's Day.

6. Dating for a Few Weeks - A Lunch Date

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Valentine's Day Lunch! Its not as committed as Valentine's Day Dinner but it still says, "I'm interested" You don't want to scare them away with your love. Lunches keep things mellow and don't have too many expectations. Just go with the flow.

7. New Couple - Flowers, Chocolates, and A Card

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You've got to start with the essentials and work your way to the more elaborate Valentine's day gifts later on in the relationship. If you and your boo just made things official, keep things simple and classic, nothing too over the top. At the end of the day, its about your time together, not the gift.

8. Dating for a Couple Months - Edible Arrangements

Keep things fresh and put a spin the old school chocolates and flowers by mashing them together to form one delicious and beautiful bouquet of chocolate covered fruit. Edible Arrangements are perfect for those couples who don't feel like they need to prove their love, but still want to give a little somethin' somethin'. If you want to add a personal touch, try making your own!

9. You've Been Together for Over a Year - Jewelry with A Personal Touch

Get something special to mark your first year of, hopefully, many years to come by personalizing a little memento of your love. Engraved bracelets are a minimalist and heartwarming Valentine's Day gift to show them just how much you've enjoyed your time together.

10. You've Been Together for Over 5 years! - A Photo Album

After all this time sharing memories growing together, you can look back on those years of joy with a tangible photo album you can flip through together. Although it may seem redundant, with most of our pictures being on Instagram and Facebook these days, nothing quite beats a hard copy of those memories that you can hold in your hand and look at together down the road.

11. Married - DIAMONDS!

You're married, so you have the emotional security and financial means to go all out! Treat your spouse and show them you love them in the most elaborate way possible!

12. In Love but Tired of Corporate Holidays - Movie Marathon by the Fireplace 

If you can't love your partner more than humanly possible, but hate the idea of having to spend money to show your love, treat them to a night in of movie marathons, endless popcorn, and fort building by the fireplace. Make it extra special by lighting some candles and slipping into your coziest pj's.

13. You're in a Committed Relationship with Food - A Food Subscription Box

If food is your one true love, there are a bunch of companies, like UrthBox and Project Candy Box, the offer monthly care packages filled with delicious snacks that get dropped off at your door so you are never in short supply of the things that makes you happiest. 

14. In a Committed Relationship with Your Bed - Body Pillow

Make your cozy sanctuary even more loveable with a body pillow. Its perfect for keeping your body supported at night and makes it nearly impossible for you to leave your bed in the morning. Just like real love should!  

So whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day with your respective partner, your friends, or with your beautiful self, there is always love to go around, so never feel left out! XOXO Happy Valentines Day to all!