Measuring cups are one of the most underrated kitchen items. Although they’re required for most recipes, most of us settle for buying the cheapest plastic measuring cups at the store. While I understand the draw of going for the cheaper option—all measuring cups work the same way, after all—there’s something to be said about investing in a high-quality set of cute measuring cups when you move into your first apartment.

Small enough that you can display them on your counter for a pop of color and personality in your otherwise drab rental apartment, these measuring cups are also extremely useful and you'll need them almost every time you're in the kitchen. The following sets of cute measuring cups range in price from $7-40 and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.  

1. Prickly Perfection

These gorgeous cactus-themed cups can be found on Wayfair from Hallmark Home and Gifts for $40. They stack up to form a counter-friendly cactus you won't need to water. Fellow cactus fanatics may also enjoy these cactus tablespoons as well.

2. Pear-tastic

These Rae Dunn pear-shaped measuring cups are a sweet way to decorate your new digs and are available in green and white for only $36 on This caramel pear cups recipe is the perfect way to break in your new measuring cups.

3. Pioneer Perfection 

Pioneer Women has done it again with these new pieces to her collection. Available at Walmart and for only $15, these cute measuring cups will add a touch of the frontier to your home. Check out the rest of the collection and pick up some measuring spoons while you're at it.

4. Measuring in Mint

These Pippa Measuring Cups from Anthropologie are so artistic and are only $28. If the gorgeous color of these measuring cups has you craving a minty treat, check out these double chocolate mint cookies.

5. Simple and Stylish

These simplistic measuring cups are available from Jackson Pine Farm + Market, an adorable shop run by a team of artists. The measuring cups above are a steal at $25, plus they have free shipping. Check out the rest of the shop while you're at it, including the personal blog page discussing their adoption journey.

6. Modern Retro 

Anna Gare knocks it out of the park with these perfect pastel measuring cups available on for only $17. They're sure to add a touch of beauty to your kitchen and are perfect for a day of baking. 

7. Egg-cellent Measuring 

It's Easter year-round with this gorgeous measuring cups and spoons combo. They'll add a touch on whimsy and fun to your kitchen and are available for $28.95 on JumbledOnline

8. Mason Jar Madness

This mason jar-themed collection has so many irresistible pieces that it's hard to pick just one. But since we're looking for the cutest of the cute measuring cups, the stackable sky blue cups that form the classic jar are a clear pick. For only $13 through World Market, who can resit their charm? 

9. Purrfect Measurements 

These stackable, snugly kitten measuring cups couldn't be more purrrfect! They add a subtle touch of comfort in your new apartment and are a great deal at only $35 when you buy them on ModCloth

10. Cute and Copper

Cedar and Sage sells these measuring cups for $60. Your kitchen accessories have never been more Instagramable, and you won't find a story more heartwarming then that of the family who runs Cedar and Sage Farm. 

11. Vintage Vibes

These adorable geese cups can be found on Etsy starting at $25 and are perfect for that vintage apartment feel. They add the perfect touch of old time charm to pull your kitchen counter together. Put on your grandma's apron, listen to some patriotic songs, and bake some cherry pies with these vintage classics.

12. Kitten Caboodle 

Anthropologie knows what's up with these grumpy cat cups. Perfect for the baker in a rut, these $28 measuring cups will speak to them on a personal level and they stare at them and huff "Mood." Luckily the rut won't last for long, who could resist taking these bad boys for a spin? 

13. Fruity Fun 

At only $7, these fruity measuring cups are a serious summertime steal. Available at World Market, these are perfect for both baking and decoration. Throw a pool party and invite all your friends to come gush over how put together your drink cart looks, with these sweet cups holding the ingredients to put together a fruity summer surprise.

14. Hedgehog Hotness

Who knew there were so many cute measuring cups shaped like little animals? Available on Amazon for $25, these hedgehog measuring cups are the cuddliest cups around. You can line them up across you counter top or window sill like a family on a walk, or stack them up in a playful hedgehog pile.

There are so many great options when it comes to measuring cups, and you can't go wrong with whatever you choose. With so many diverse styles, there's a measuring cup set for everybody, making them the perfect gift. Even non-bakers will smile when they see the thought you put in to selecting a set that matches their personality perfectly!