Tumblr is every fanboy and -girl's dream: it's a place where people go to discuss/hyperventilate about the same things you love to discuss/hyperventilate. So, it only makes sense when it comes to people's universal love of food that there must be hundreds of memes about people's loves and pet peeves.

However, this means things can get a bit too real and before you know it, you're curled up in a ball and rocking back and forth because you relate TOO much (don't worry, happens to the best of us). So if you enjoy saying "That's so me!", here's a selection of Tumblr memes to get you right in the food-related feels.

1. The Dog Killer

beer, meat, chicken
Vivien Zhu

Dog is man's best friend but nobody said it was mutual.

2. The Historically Accurate

tea, coffee, pizza, beer
Vivien Zhu

If this was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, he never would've made it to the Triwizard Tournament.

3. Everybody Loves Susan

chocolate, beer
Vivien Zhu

We all know a Susan (please don't judge me Susan).

4. The Life Cycle of a Fridge

coffee, tea, beer
Vivien Zhu

A thought process reserved for adults, because only people who are successful at adulting would remember to clean out their fridge, AKA not me.

5. When Food Is Bae

water, beer
Vivien Zhu

This meme is the ultimate guide to finding "The One".

6. #Foodspiration 

cake, chocolate, cookie
Vivien Zhu

But tortillas inevitably sink back down and become flat like a sad pancake... More like #fakespiration. 

7. 10 Things I Love About You

Vivien Zhu

The plot of 10 Things I Hate About You could've turned out very differently... "Those 10 things I mentioned I love about you? Yeah...they're all bread."

8. The Dawning of a New Age

prussian asparagus, vegetable, asparagus
Vivien Zhu

Who could forget that hit 60s song "Asparagus" by The 5th Dimension? It's a classic!

9. When You're Feeling Blue (Cheese)

cake, coffee, pizza, beer
Vivien Zhu

What sort of MONSTER would serve blue cheese dip over ranch? There's actual mould in it! It's like they're trying to kill us.

10. The Food Thief

pizza, tea, coffee, beer
Vivien Zhu

Me (probably too often): "It's not my fault, you should've put your name on it...then you should've hid it better...well then don't buy it at all if you don't want me to eat it!"

11. The Food Sniffer

Vivien Zhu

If my nose grew every time this happened, I'd be Pinocchio by now.

12. The Mantra We Should All Live By

coffee, beer
Vivien Zhu

I get rewarded for eating? Sounds like my kind of game.

And finally...

13. When it gets TOO real

beer, tea, birthday cake, cake
Vivien Zhu

It's a daily struggle. Choose wrong and you'll regret it for the rest of the day. How are we, as mere mortals, expected to cope with such a monumental decision? The struggle really is real.