We get it, you like sleep. But think about how much better your full day of classes would be if you managed to take a minute to fry an egg and eat a piece of toast? Here are some #SpoonFeed photos of the week that will inspire you to be more disciplined about eating breakfast.

There are few things better than a homemade biscuit, amirite? Here’s how to do it.

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I’m sure the top egg can attest over easy yolks make a great pillow. Ever wonder why we’re all obsessed with yolk porn?

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God bless America. Here are some other patriotic snacks you should make.

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Turn that bacon frown upside down. Y’all should make perfect bacon, too. Here’s how.

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Pretty sure this kid is a connoisseur of bagels at this point.

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Bacon + eggs = BFFs. Here’s an easy recipe combining the two.

Guys, did you know you can make Eggs Benedict at home?

So pure and untouched. What kind of bagel are you?

We gettin’ saucy up in here and it’s guaranteed to turn you on.

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This is a blueberry bagel with ham, bacon, cheese, guacamole and egg. So strange, but probably delicious.

Everyone please refer to this girl for the proper Nutella to toast ratio.

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