After being friends with a cheerleader, it really seems like they are some of the busiest, yet most put together people on campus. They constantly have practice, still have to go to class, travel for games, are in clubs and sororities, have tests and homework, and they have to look good all at the same time. Since all eyes are on them at games and other school events, it makes sense that they might have tried some unconventional ways to keep themselves looking nice and fresh.

Check out these 13 life-changing food-related beauty secrets that one of University of Miami's cheer captains, Sidney Sterling, was nice enough to share with me and the rest of the world. Your beauty routine really will never be the same. 

Mayonnaise for dry hair

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Nicole Feretich

Mayo is made with an oil base that will make your hair shine. Usually dry hair is due to a lack of oil, but mayonnaise will help do the trick. All you have to do is apply the mayo to your hair when it's damp (like conditioner), put a shower cap on, and leave it in your hair for 15-30 minutes. 

Cucumber toner

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Haliana Burhans

Both sliced cucumbers and cucumber juice can be used as a face toner. Since cucumbers are mostly water, this cools your face and will take away any redness that you might have. It's best if you use it for 10-20 minutes and then rinse your face, but even five minutes of this cucumber relief can help. 

Coconut oil makeup remover

Claire Waggoner

Wiping a little coconut oil onto a cotton ball and then rubbing it onto your waterproof eye makeup will take it all off. According to cosmetic chemist Joseph Cincotta, coconut oil breaks up water-resistant substances used in eye makeup and releases them from your skin and lashes. Not only is coconut oil good for removing stubborn eye makeup, it's also a great moisturizer and will leave you smelling delicious. 

Raw honey for dry skin

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Jina Kim

Honey on its own doesn’t exactly do the trick, but adding a drop to the moisturizer you already use will make all the difference. Honey is a humectant, the key ingredient in lotions that hydrate your skin by attracting water, eventually locking moisture into your skin and pulling it deeper into your skin cells.

Gelatin to hold your curls

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Maria Wang

Gelatin can be used for more than those delicious frat party Jell-O shots. Think of using the gelatin as hairspray. Mix gelatin and water together and put it in a spray bottle. You won't need too much of this since gelatin is extremely sticky. This will hold your curls for hours, but your hair might be a little more on the crispier side. 

Apple cider vinegar for acne

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kelsey kushner

You may smell like salad dressing, but if your skin is acne prone, it might be worth a shot. Put a little but of the apple cider vinegar onto a cotton pad and rub it on your skin to clean your skin. Let it dry to help tighten pores and kill bacteria.

Lemon for tan streaks

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Rebecca Block

This one will definitely be your new Miami fake tan must. It seems like self-tanning products are becoming more and more popular by the day since it takes so long to actually tan and it's proven to be horrible for your skin. But sometimes the fake tan doesn't go as planned and you could be left with splotches of orange on your body. Rubbing lemon on the splotches works as a natural exfoliant and will lift the color off of your skin. For the best results, you should begin rubbing as soon as you see a streak appear. 

Coffee Scrub

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Abby Reisinger

Coffee will not only wake you up, but it will also wake your skin up. Coffee beans can be used as a natural exfoliant that will get your blood circulating, get rid of dead skin, and reduce the appearance of cellulite. This coffee scrub is also good for reducing swelling and inflammation because caffeine restricts blood vessels.

You have probably seen the Frank Body coffee scrub all over Instagram, but it's pretty easy to make your own. Mix ½ cup of coffee grounds with olive oil (you can use brown sugar or salt in addition for extra exfoliation) and apply the mixture in a circular motion to your body before showering.

Cinnamon to stop inflammation

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Hunter Siegrist

Although inflammation helps your body with infections and repairs tissue damage, there can be a point when your body might be a little too swollen. The antioxidants in cinnamon have been known to have anti-inflammatory effects, so next time you sprain your ankle, try eating these cinnamon rolls to stop it from swelling.  

Green tea face masks

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Dyan Khor

Apart from the health benefits of drinking green tea, using a green tea face mask has an impressive list of skin benefits. According to a 2003 study by the Medical College of Georgia, green tea helps skin rejuvenation by flushing out toxins, healing blemishes, and reducing inflammation.

Green tea is also good for dark circles and puffy eyes. The antioxidants in green tea can help reduce this by shrinking blood vessels underneath the skin, which in turn reduces swelling and puffiness. Not sure how to make a green tea face mask? Learn how to here.

Avocado moisturizer

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Spoon University

We all know how much people are loving avocado these days, but if you can resist eating it, try putting it pretty much anywhere on your body (including your hair). The vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants in avocados are filled with moisture that is perfect for smoothing out dry skin. If you're like me and you don't like eating avocado (sorry), check out all these ways you can use it on your body without ever having to taste it.

Sugar exfoliant

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Ari Collura

Sugar must be the sweetest natural exfoliant out there. Mix some sugar and olive/almond/apricot oil together for the perfect lip and body scrub. 

Lemon for lighter hair

Spoon University

According to University of Southern California's Professor of molecular pharmacology and toxicology, Roger Clemens, the acid in lemon combined with oxygen and the suns rays causes acid oxidation, which lightens your hair. All you need to do is squirt some lemon in your hair straight from the lemon, or you could put it in a spray bottle for a more even application.