Like most Americans, I love butter. Life and food just taste better with butter. I recently took a stroll on the weird side of the Internet and found that there were so many uses for butter outside of the culinary world. These butter hacks are fascinating and whether they help your life or you think they are fake news, you will be happy to at least know them.

1. Butter Can Fix a Squeaky Door

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Helena Lin

Got a closet door that squeaks all the time? Just rub some butter on it so you can save yourself from a headache that comes from the screeching. This hack will work on any and all squeaky hinges. Using this butter sprayer could help too!

2. Butter Can Remove Watermarks From Wood

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Caroline Ingalls

We all have that one family member who is anti-coaster and lets their iced tea leave water imprints everywhere they set their glass down. Take some butter, a paper towel, and buff their cup's remnants out of the wood.

3. Butter Will Protect Your Cheese

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Erin Haydon

Sometimes I like to be a little bougie and get a block of cheese for some cheese and cracker platters. However, I get so sad when the cheese goes moldy because I can't eat it all fast enough. In these moments, cut off the hard rind and spread some butter on the cheese! The butter will prevent the cheese from getting moldy.

4. Butter Will Keep Your Brownies in Shape

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Sydney Segal

We all love brownies and cake, but sometimes the wonderful gooey centers will get stuck to your knife causing your brownies to crumble apart. To prevent this sad tragedy, rub some butter on the knife so it will cut and glide with ease.

5. Butter Will Get Gum Out of Your Hair

Remember when the mean kids on the playground in elementary school would spit gum into your hair? (No? Just me?) Lo and behold, butter could have solved your problems! If gum is stuck in your hair, just rub butter on the tangled area, let it absorb up the oil, and wipe the gum away. No tragic hair cutting involved.

6. Butter Can Prevent a Bruise

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Caroline Ingalls

Just like putting a steak on a bruise, you can rub butter on the injury to prevent bruising too! This is a great first aid tip for non-meat purchasers. The science behind this trick is that the phosphates in steak that prevent bruising are also in butter.

7. Butter Can Give You a Manicure

Becca Berland

In college, no one has the extra money to go treat themselves to a manicure (mainly because cheesy bread is a much better treat investment). When your cuticles and nails are getting dry and cracked though, rubbing butter on them is a great cheap, DIY, dorm manicure.

8. Butter Can Help You Shovel Your Driveway

The most unusual butter hack on this list, at least in my opinion, is that butter can help you shovel your driveway. Rubbing butter on your snow shovel will help prevent snow from sticking to the shovel thus saving you the exhaustion from beating the snow off of it.

9. Butter Is a Natural Shaving Cream

This may not come as a shock, but you can, in fact, shave with butter. Why spend extra dollars on a shaving butter or body butter when you can use actual butter? I mean desperate times call for desperate measures.

10. Butter Will Shine Your Shoes

In a pinch for shiny shoes so you can kill that interview? In order to really wow the interviewer, show up early and quickly buff some butter on your leather shoes to give them that nice shine.

11. Butter Can Ease Your Cat's Anxiety

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Luna Zhang

For all of those proud cat ladies out there, if you have guests over and your fur baby is not happy about it, place a little pad of butter on their paw right before the guests come through the door. The cat will be so distracted by the butter they won't panic.

12. Butter Can Give You a Foot Massage

If your significant other is being cranky, give yourself your own foot massage! Massaging butter into your feet then wrapping them in warm, moist towels will help them feel new again. Butter is just another reason to treat yo' self.

13. Butter Can Condition Your Hair

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Becky Hughes

Have dry hair problems? Do not worry, because butter has your back. You can condition your hair with butter by covering your hair with it and letting it soak in all the oils to leave your hair bright and slick. Just don't forget to rinse!

These hacks may seem as crazy as Paula Deen's love for butter, but these butter hacks will make your life as wholesome as buttered toast. Try these butter hacks out next time you are in a pinch to make life go by as smooth as possible.