Ahh Bikini Bottom, Home of the Krabby Patty. Here are 12 times SpongeBob nailed college eating habits.

1. Going to every club recruitment event for the free food...

...and it ends up always being pizza.

"I'm just learning about this club and its efforts" lies we tell ourselves.... *goes to every event* *pizza every time* *complains but eats anyway*

2. Dining hall "food"

Chum is fum :'(

3. Don't have to leave my room and my meal will come to me?

Postmates delivery code? Okiedoke.

4. Feeling guilty for spending money on food rather than saving

You are hungry, but the dining hall is closed. So you decide to purchase your meal from somewhere (bonus points for ordering delivery). You begin to eat and are happy for the duration of the meal. You complete your meal and the regret sets in. But then you feel hungry again. And the cycle continues. College eating habit? More like lifestyle.

5. Late Night Snacking

Stays up late. Feels hungry. Eats. Sleeps. Wakes up. Repeats. 

6. Learning that eating alone is okay

The first time you end up eating in the dining hall alone may be the toughest. But after that, you get used to it. Eating alone becomes more convenient for you, actually. You don't have to wait on anyone when hunger strikes.

7. The Freshman 15

Okay this is very real. I really disliked the food at my dining hall. Disregarding the fact that I survived on soft serve and cookies, how did I still gain weight???? 'Tis a mystery. Fine dining and breathing

8. Avoiding cooking

Who said procrastination only had to do with schoolwork? Unless you for some reason love to spend your time cooking, you are probably like me and would rather stare at the ceiling. Or make a listicle about not nourishing myself instead of actually nourishing myself. 🙃 

9. Failing at cooking



There is hope though for us culinarily challenged. Here are some delicious, fool-proof recipes even a barnacle can prepare.

10. Not knowing how to eat healthy

Eating healthy is hard when tasty, readymade snacks are ubiquitous, but it's hella worth learning. Replace your junk food with these healthy options.

11. Binging for no reason

Pull a Squidward and go from "just one bite" to exploding from overeating. Kind of want to snack on some chips? Then eat the whole bag plus everything in your roommate's fridge. Okay. Cool.

12. Going home for break and eating

That beautiful feeling when that home-cooked meal you've been craving for months touches your soul.

It's very emotional. Thanks fam :') <3

As unhealthy as they can be, our college eating habits are here to stay. Hopefully, they'll disappear after we graduate.