After a long day of classes, making dinner might be the last thing you want to do. But, cooking is much more exciting when your kitchen is clean, organized and aesthetically on point. One easy way to reach your #KitchenGoals is to add in pops of the same color throughout the room. Take rose gold accents, for example. It's a refreshing upgrade to traditional stainless steel, yet still sleek and modern. If you're looking to upgrade your kitchen, check out these rose gold kitchen items. 

Cuisinart Stainless Pots and Pans 8pc Set


These stainless steel pots and pans don't discolor and the cool grip handles come in rose gold. So, whatever you're cooking, it looks chic af. 

Rose Gold Knife Set


A good knife set should be on everyone's list of kitchen essentials, especially when they look like this. 

S'well Stainless Steel Rose Gold Water Bottle


Do your part to produce less trash by getting yourself a reusable water bottle. Do more and get one in rose gold. 

Stainless Steel Rose Gold Flatware Set 


Plain silver flatware is so basic. This rose gold set is anything but. 

Rose Gold 5pc Utensil Set


Flip a pancake, stir your quinoa, or serve your soup with these rose gold utensils. 

Rose Gold Measuring Tools


If you're following a recipe, the first step is measuring your ingredients out right. Do it in style (aka in rose gold). 

Rose Gold Tea Kettle


A solid cup of tea can totally change your day for the better, caffeinated or not. Make yourself a legit cup with this rose gold tea kettle. 

Rose Gold Paper Towel Holder


Keep your paper towels on the counter in an orderly fashion with this rose gold holder, because you're an adult now, and this is what adults do. 

Rose Gold Wine Tumbler


Use this when you want to take wine to the pregame, but you don't want to take the whole bottle because you have great self-control. 

Rose Gold Stainless Steel Straws


Plastic straws have a bad rep, and for good reason. This rose gold alternative is environmentally friendly and super chic. 

Rose Gold Broom


Crumbs in the kitchen are inevitable, especially when you're scarfing down stuff like this bomb-ass banana bread, so sweep them up. 

Rose Gold Trash Can


You can even give your trash a glow up by tossing it in this rose gold can. 

Whether you're moving into your first apartment or your first house, upgrade your kitchen by "frosting" it with rose gold accents. Hopefully, you'll be inspired to make more than cereal and avocado toast.

As for your next step: Learn how to keep the place sparkling clean using things you already have in your pantry. 

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