The transition into college can have you questioning how you can maintain a healthy diet with a new atmosphere and routine. Now, instead of having your own kitchen, you have dining halls and dorm room snack stashes. We've all heard the cliches of hoarding loads of ramen, instant mac and cheese, and potato chips in your dorm room, but there are so many cheap and healthy dorm snacks to purchase as well. The key to proper dorm room snacking is purchasing foods that are cheap, have a good shelf life, and are easy to grab and go. I compiled a list of my favorite healthy dorm snacks so you don't have to on your own. 

1. Popcorn

popcorn, corn, cereal, salt, kettle corn, caramel, butter, sweet
Kirby Barth

Popcorn is an excellent dorm snack because it is a great alternative to other salty snacks that can be loaded with sodium. Finding a good popcorn that is not smothered in butter or other heavy seasonings is a delicious yet simple snack. It is filled with whole grains that help nourish your body and it is also a total movie night essential.

2. Apples

apple, sweet, cheese, dairy product
Kristine Mahan

Apples are perfect for a refreshing treat as well as an on the go grab. They can make a great mini breakfast for when you are running late for class and can't make it to the dining hall. The great thing about apples is that they are a fruit that can last a few weeks in the fridge, unlike most other fruits that mold or rot quickly. 

3. Nut Butter 

almond butter, spoonful, almonds, Crunchy, Nut butter
Julia Gilman

Nut butter is the perfect pairing with so many other snacks on this list, or simply just to eat a spoonful of it by itself. My go-to kinds of nut butters are peanut butter and almond butter, but whatever your favorite nut butter is will do the job. It is great to keep a jar of this in your dorm and use it to spread on apples, crackers, rice cakes, and more. It is also super convenient to invest in the mini to-go packages of these products to keep in your bag as well. This is also a great source of protein!

4. Rice Cakes

sweet, cake, cream, pastry, pudding, pie, chocolate, dairy product, bread, custard
Ashley Blume

Rice cakes are another simple snack that can be spiced up easily. I love spreading nut butter on my rice cakes and sometimes even slicing up an apple or banana to put on top. If you want to get super fancy, you can even drizzle some honey on top as well. Never underestimate the deliciousness of a rice cake topped the right way. Also, bonus points if you get brown rice cakes which are filled with nutrients!

5. Nuts

nut, almond, sweet, coffee
Kirby Barth

The possibilities are endless with this snack. Almonds, peanuts, pistachios, cashews, ... any of these are great sources of protein! It is a great idea to keep any type of nuts or a container of mixed nuts in your dorm for a quick and protein-filled snack. A bag of trail mix is a great choice as well.

6. Granola Bars

sweet, granola, muesli, chocolate, cereal, candy, granola bar, oat
Audrey Mirabito

Granola bars are the essential on the go snack. Late for class? Grab a granola bar. Going to be out all day? Throw a granola bar in your bag. These snacks are quick, easy, and are a good source of protein and fiber when in a rush.

7. Hummus

bread, hummus, vegetable
Christin Urso

Hummus is the perfect healthy dip to keep in your mini-fridge. It is a great pairing with so many other healthy snacks including vegetables, pretzels, or pita chips. This snack is both filling, protein-rich, and absolutely delicious.

8. Roasted Chickpeas

legume, vegetable, chickpeas, nut, garbanzo, cereal, honey, pea, meat, sweet
Kirby Barth

Roasted chickpeas come in so many different varieties they could please anybody's taste buds. These snacks are tossed in amazing seasonings and have the perfect crunch. These chickpeas will give you a lot of protein to keep you going during your busy day. 

9. Instant Oatmeal

porridge, cereal, milk, sweet, oatmeal, muesli, granola, oatmeal cereal, rice
Christin Urso

Oatmeal is quick and easy to make with a microwave or electric tea kettle. Oats are very healthy grains that are filled with important vitamins, minerals, and fiber. It is the perfect choice on a cold winter day or a great breakfast before class. You can even top this with fruit or nuts to spice it up. 

10. Greek Yogurt

banana, vegetable
Abigail Wilkins

Greek yogurt makes a great breakfast and snack. It can be topped with fruit, granola, or nuts to make it even better. Yogurt is filled with probiotics that help improve gut health which improves your overall health. Greek yogurt is another great item to keep in your mini-fridge.

11. Clementines

citrus, juice, tangerine, orange, clementine, lemon, satsuma
Robin Chohan

Clementines are a great and refreshing snack when on the go. They are easy to keep in your bag or simply be eaten in your dorm. They are filled with vitamin C to keep your immune system boosted while living in tight quarters with other students in college.

12. Crackers

sweet, cookie, wheat, cracker, pastry, bread, candy, cake, chocolate, milk
Razan Kawar

There are many healthy varieties of crackers out there filled with nutritious grains and seeds. These crackers can be paired with hummus or peanut butter and make a great snack. Of course, they are still delicious on their own as well. 

Staying healthy when put in a new environment and routine can be challenging at first. Making healthy choices in college is not hard, it just takes some thinking outside of the box. I know that these snacks helped me navigate dorm life while still prioritizing proper nutrition. Hopefully, this list of healthy dorm snacks can help you with this adjustment too.