We’ve all been there --- tired, hungry, in need of a pick-me-up. It’s easy to reach for a candy bar, but you know your body will thank you for making a more healthy choice. However, a busy college schedule doesn’t always jive well with living a healthy lifestyle. Classes, studying, and hanging out with friends leaves little time for preparing healthy food. These are some of my go-to grocery list items that make for quick, easy, and healthy snacks or meals, and will soon be your saving grace.


sweet, almond, nut
Rachel Resnick

Instant oatmeal, rolled oats, or steel-cut oats all contain nutritious whole grains, protein, and fiber. Check out some easy overnight oat recipes here.


coffee, tea, cake
Aaron Hiller

My morning would not be complete without a freshly brewed K-Cup by my side. If you’re anything like me, coffee is a priority on your shopping list. Additionally, studies have shown that there are tons of health benefits to a cup of joe, despite what you may think.


Aaron Hiller

If you can spare any room in your beer-laden and leftover-packed fridge, yogurt is definitely worth it. Greek yogurt packs tons of protein and comes in many different, delicious flavors.

Nut Butter

chocolate, butter, peanut, peanut butter
Jaclyn Alderman

Nut butter is extremely versatile and packed with protein and healthy fats. Eat it with toast, fruit, or straight (no judgement).


wheat, corn, cereal
Alyssa Carter

Take a trip back to your childhood with a good ‘ole bowl of cereal. Opt for a variety with less than 5 grams of sugar and at least a couple grams of fiber for a wholesome breakfast. Enjoy your cereal the traditional way with milk, or use it as a topping for yogurt.


rice, chicken
Shalayne Pulia

Poultry, beef, pork, and eggs all contain ample amounts of protein, a nutrient responsible for body tissue and organ repair. Try frozen meats for long-term storage, or jerky for a quick, protein-filled snack. 

Fresh fruit

pasture, vegetable
Tyra Wu

Try to buy fruit in-season to avoid making too big of a dent in your bank account. Apples and bananas are relatively cheap, don’t require refrigeration, and are very portable. Check out these tips on how to make your fruit last longer so you can enjoy it for an extra day or two.

Granola bars

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Katie Walsh

Not much beats a granola bar when you're hungry and in a hurry. Quick, tasty, and pre-packaged, I like to keep a variety on me for busy days when I know I won't be able to go home for awhile. Choose a bar with low sugar and a simple ingredient list for a healthy snack.


wheat, sweet, kettle corn, popcorn, cereal, corn
Sara Carte

Perfect for satisfying your late-night hunger, popcorn is a great alternative to sugary and fatty snacks. Quickly prepared in a microwave, it doesn’t get much easier than this tasty, satisfying snack. Take you popcorn up a notch with these sweet and savory toppings.