Everyone loves peanut butter, whether it’s the cheapest one on the grocery store shelf, or an over-priced organic jar from Whole Foods. But there’s a whole world of nut spreads out there just waiting to be discovered. These seven ingenious nut butter brands will be sure blow your mind and tastebuds away. 

You might have to order these obscure blends online, but trust us, they’re worth the splurge on overnight shipping.

1. Buff Bake

nut butters

Photo courtesy of buffbake.com

Add a spoonful of this whey protein, chia and flax seed enhanced nut butter to your post-workout smoothie for a protein shake that doesn’t taste like chalk.

2. You Fresh Naturals

nut butters

Photo courtesy of youfreshnaturals.com

A blend of coconuts, almonds and cashews create the perfect base for wild flavors like chocolate chip banana bread, cinnamon spice and white chocolate.

3. Sweet Spreads

nut butters

Photo courtesy of sweetspreads.com

You’ll go coo coo for coconutter after just one spoonful of decadent flavors like dark chocolate mint and maple pancake.

4. Nut Zez

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Photo courtesy of nutzez.com

Sign up for the “Batch Buddy Club” to have irresistible flavors like strawberry cheesecake, candied apple pie and s’mores delivered to your door every month.

5. Chef Kate’s Nut Butter

nut butters

Photo courtesy of chefkatesnutbutter.com

With a flavor selection that ranges from white chocolate fig to pumpkin spice, this brand appeals to top chefs and basic bitches alike.

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